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Three of the toughest challenges include being regular, getting the assignments made and submitted in time, and managing things while staying far from my home and family.
Being regular was not very easy for me as I had to manage my…
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Challenges that i faced this semester
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5 May Challenges that I faced this semester I faced numerous challenges this semester. Three of the toughest challenges include being regular, getting the assignments made and submitted in time, and managing things while staying far from my home and family.
Being regular was not very easy for me as I had to manage my studies along with work. I was on job, and needed to be in one in order to earn money to pay the fees. Both my work and my studies demanded complete attention. Sometimes, I could not manage to be in the school in time after having worked tirelessly for the whole day before.
Making and delivering the assignments was very tough in that I had to do that all by myself using the knowledge I had gained in the class. I usually got very little time to revise the course, let alone finding time to use that knowledge to make the assignments. Even though I managed to do it, but it was very tough.
It was my first experience of staying away from my family. I have never been so alone and independent before. I had nobody to wash and press my clothes, cook the meals for me, houseclean my apartment, or wake me up in the morning. Everything was solely my responsibility.
Concluding, being regular, submitting my assignments timely, and living far from my family were three prime challenges that I faced this semester. Although it has been a tough experience, yet it has made me more responsible and a better time-manager. Read More
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Challenges That I Faced This Semester Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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