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The eating habits of students - Essay Example

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A good and healthy lifestyle starts with the diet one takes (Bailey, 2007 ). A blend of calorie intake together with fruit and vegetable comsumption, as part of the diet, is advisable in ensuring a balanced diet. It helps…
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The eating habits of students
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Extract of sample "The eating habits of students"

Download file to see previous pages The young generation seems to pay little attention to the crucial topic on diet and health. Their choice of diet remains a secondary consideration in their responsibility over their health (Gullotta, Adams & Ramos 2005). Dietary disorders among young people are on the rise at an alarming rate. Instances of obesity in young people are increasing more than ever experienced. According to Richards, 2007, guiding the young generation on issues of diet and health become essential. Topics such as the choice of food, awareness of a good balanced diet and the need to create attention to nutrition among by young people need further elaboration. Teaching the youth on diet and health, therefore, is indispensably an issue most governments must consider engaging (Berg 2002).
Statistics in the United Kingdom show that several school going students have poor knowledge on diet and health (McGinnis & Gootman 2006). Several students express low attention to nutrition. The choice of a better diet by students is poorly in several students (Glass 2009). In what areas many students pay less attention to, as far as diet and health is concerned, this report sorts to find out. The report discusses the important dietary areas overlooked by students and their extent of caution to their health.
In order to find out the eating habits of students, a survey was conducted with the help of an oral questionnaire. Total 30 randomly selected students in the UK took the interview in different learning institutions for the purpose of representing the student population. The group of respondents composed of students from different learning institutions at different stages of studies. The respondents consisted of fifteen boys and fifteen girls.
The questionnaire (attached in the appendix) consists of different kinds of questions which chiefly build upon each other. The question types used is, for example, “yes/no”, multiple choice ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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