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An on why i want to be an army officer - Essay Example

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I initially focused on the healthcare industry and learned people skills and healthcare knowledge and proficiencies. However, presently I realized that I have to respond to my aspirations for a…
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An essay on why i want to be an army officer
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"An on why i want to be an army officer"

Download file to see previous pages to use my acquired skills and knowledge from different fields to serve my country and I endeavor to dedicate myself to a life of public service and leadership in the army.
To be a successful army officer, one must have strong communication and interpersonal skills. My work and school roles, responsibilities, and activities have honed my communication and interpersonal skills. In high school and college, I served leadership positions, where I served the interests of my groups and community. My work experiences also gave me the opportunity to be a good communicator. As an Internet Sales Associate, I learned how to convince people about our products. Being an army officer also requires “selling,” specifically selling the importance and urgency of different unit assignments. I also worked as a Certified Nursing Aid. In this job, I was able to interact with different kinds of personalities, people with different and complex needs and interests. I learned how to understand and deal with them, so that we can attain our health care objectives. I also worked as an Operating Room Specialist and Production Technician, where verbal and written communication skills were critical. As an enlisted soldier, I learned the importance of listening to and following my superiors and learning from formal and informal sources of knowledge and information in the army. These experiences have enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills that are needed to act as an army officer.
An army officer entails leadership and responsibility. I want to take an active role in leading an army unit, so that we can attain any goal or objective assigned to us. In high school, I developed my leadership skills by becoming the Boys Prefect at the Presbyterian Boys Senior High School in Legon, Ghana. During this time, I enjoyed the ability to exercise discipline on myself and other people. My need for challenging leadership experiences thrived until college. I acted as the Student Representative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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