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Lady Gaga's public image - Thesis Example

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A persons’ public image depends on how they behave, talk, and interact with others. There is positive and negative public image. It…
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Lady Gagas public image
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"Lady Gaga's public image"

Download file to see previous pages In most cases, a positive public image dominates in the society. A public image is very significant in business and international relations. People with good public image are highly trusted as compared to those with a bad public image. A good public image is thus an incentive in any industry. However, in the entertainment industry, a public image does not have to be good to attract sales. Whether this will demean their public image or not, does not matter to them. Indeed, many celebrities have made huge earnings by jeopardizing their public image. However, a bad public image will always cost somebody, even in the celebrities’ world. Actually previous literatures can confirm how bad public images have led to imprisonments, low sales and even loss of entertainment careers. This paper will compare and contrast the pros and cons position on Lady Gaga’s public image. In doing so, the paper will consider five articles on Lady Gaga’s public image.
Lady Gaga is a secular music artist and music director who in the recent past has generated a lot of controversy. A group of designers known as Haus of Gaga designs her public image. This ranges from her flashy mode of transport, her unique hairstyles, makeup and weird dressing, and her huge support for gay rights. This controversy has fostered public debate on her public image from the mainstream media, paparazzi, and the public. Many have argued that her public is dwindling because of her controversial way of life. She has seven tattoos with different meanings (Hombach 14). Additionally, there are many questions about Lady Gaga’s sexuality. Some want to know if she is subverting sexual norms and if she is a hermaphrodite (Mr P Web). Lady Gaga has actually lost a lot in the public image as perceived by her music enemies, religious groups, fellow musicians like Christina Aguilera, and even political leaders. In fact, when Lady Gaga met Obama in a human rights campaign fundraiser, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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