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Loneliness (THINGS TO THINK ABOUT/ discuss= what causes the character's loneliness, the efforts of the characters in search of companionship, and their varying degrees of success.) - Essay Example

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Steinbeck was born on 27th of February, 1902 in Salinas, California. His work of "Of Mice and Men" described a sort of ‘microcosm’ which runs analogous with the American Society in the…
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Loneliness (THINGS TO THINK ABOUT/ discuss= what causes the characters loneliness, the efforts of the characters in search of companionship, and their varying degrees of success.)
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Extract of sample "Loneliness (THINGS TO THINK ABOUT/ discuss= what causes the character's loneliness, the efforts of the characters in search of companionship, and their varying degrees of success.)"

Download file to see previous pages Work was very hard to find, since many workers migrated out of the immense cities and into the countryside to locate work like George and Lennie (Sinise et al 79).
Consequently, the characters lives are limited and several of them feel fascinated by the condition in which they live. Some, however, confine their own selves rather than being controlled by the pressures put on them by their society, leading to their own margins. It is not only the Maytag repair man that is lonely. Psychiatrists say that loneliness is the most frequent grievance they hear today. What a strange phenomenon it is in a world anxious with over-population and operational with the most sophisticated communication media ever devised by man!
To be human is to be lonely. It is one of the earnest and most intense experiences we have. It visibly tells that our most deep-seated need is to love and be loved. But in spite of its universality the majority of us are unwilling to admit our loneliness, even to ourselves. Even when we do confess that we are lonely it is with a sensation of shame and flawless. The cost of this self-deception is extremely high. But loneliness can also be a very inventive and humanizing might. If it is accepted, it can make us concerned, sympathetic and understanding and keeps us to a greater profundity of sincerity to God and others and lead to a fuller life.
Loneliness does not mean just being alone. It means feeling lonely, feeling the deficiency of a significant human liaison. The realism that loneliness has rather to do with feeling lonely suggests a tonic. Our feelings are amoral: they are neither moral nor immoral. Thus, we can admit them and talk through them in spite of keeping them. Our feelings change swiftly and constantly. It is our faith that is constant. Hence, we have to live by our confidence and not by our feelings. Our faith dictates that we are never ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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