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The credit crunch and subsequent economic recession have broken the backbone of world’s education systems. The governments around the world are cutting budgets for the education sectors and hence students are suffering…
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College education: time, money
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XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX The world is suffering from global economic slowdown. The credit crunch and subsequent economic recession have broken the backbone of world’s education systems. The governments around the world are cutting budgets for the education sectors and hence students are suffering. This study aims to investigate the condition of students and how they plan to successfully emerge out from this challenge. This study puts forward a hypothesis that believes in the continuation of current circumstances and predicts that college education will continue to be an elusive dream for thousands of students around the world.
College education marks a stage in a person’s life when he/she develops a different outlook towards the world. The comforts of school days come to an end and what begins is an exposure to reality. The problem of college education is exacerbated by wrong government policies such as recent rise in tuition fees. Students, who are supposed to be the harbingers of change, suffer the most when they have to struggle with the finances. These days students not only deal with their tuition fees but also worry about future debts.
The rise in tuition fees means that students who graduate from the college will be severely under debt. They will have to pay a substantial part of their salaries for the monthly payment for the loan. In such circumstances students around the world are reconsidering the decision to pursue higher education. They think that after spending many years in the classrooms, studying theories and other impractical things, they would come out with having huge debts on their heads. The current economic climate also means that it will be hard for students to get jobs both while studying and after completion of their studies.
The efficacy of college education is also under severe strain as there is rise of students opting for professional courses. These courses offer much more specific curriculum for their students and assures them of a job in their chosen field. In such a case a college education seems to lose its value. The only positive side seems to be the social bonding of students and how they develop friendships which last for rest of their lifetimes. This aspect of college education is very appealing as it provides students with a carefree time which is marked by ecstatic moments of joyfulness and unbridled freedom. College education offers a time for students which they later call it as time of their life. This kind of thing cannot be measured on the basis of financial returns built definitely adds to the overall appeal of the college education.
After considering all the arguments highlighted above it can be said that although college education is becoming extremely expensive, it hasn’t lost its appeal over the years. The time invested by students in the college education not only improves their chances of success in their respective careers but it also provides them with a memorable time. Although the efficacy of college education cannot be determined on the basis of social bonds, friendship and nostalgia, these factors certainly help in determining the role of college education in current environment. Read More
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