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With a tone of sarcasm, Richard displays his dissatisfaction with the fact that despite the glory of victory, his brother Edward is the king instead of him. He is discontent with the way the throne is governed and wishes he was in charge despite his shortcomings such as…
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Richard III-Shakespear
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Insert Insert of the supervisor Insert of the Insert assignment is due Richard III – Shakespeare With a tone of sarcasm, Richard displays his dissatisfaction with the fact that despite the glory of victory, his brother Edward is the king instead of him. He is discontent with the way the throne is governed and wishes he was in charge despite his shortcomings such as deformity and less attractive looks.
2. He pictures himself as a person who has been treated unfairly by nature when he says “that am not shaped for sportive tricks / Nor made to court an amorous looking glass…” (I.i.14-15). However, he demonstrates his conviction of overcoming all obstacles to be king.
3. In I.i. 28-31 Richard tells us of his goals to become a villain if he can be a hero in women’s eyes. He shows his motivation and dedication to revenge against nature for treating him unfairly.
4. George, the Duke of Clarence and the heir to the throne is arrested and imprisoned.
5. The Tower is a prison. Clarence is imprisoned on flimsy charges of being the one who will make the family lose the throne because his name starts with letter “G”.
6. Richard blames this on women especially Queen Elizabeth and Lady Shore. The truth is that Richard planted the rumors leading to the arrest.
7. Richard promises to set Clarence free from the tower.
8. Richard wants to eliminate Clarence to pave way for his plans to usurp the throne.
Act 1 Scene 2
1. Lady Anne is the widow of the recently murdered son of King Henry VI.
2. She is mourning the murder of her husband and his father King Henry VI by Richard’s family.
3. She curses and scorns Richard because of his role in the death of her husband even after he bends down and tells her to execute him to which replies “I will not be thy executioner” (I.ii.172).
4. She curses any future children Richard have and wants his widow to experience more grief than she does.
5. Things change when Richard tells her he killed her husband because of her beauty and his love for her.
6. Richard suggests marriage to her and although turns him down, she nevertheless accepts Richard’s ring and agrees to meet him at one of his residences.
7. Richard manipulates her by using sweet words to praise her beauty and by feigning gentleness. He tells her, “That hand, which, for thy love, did kill thy love,
Shall, for thy love, kill a far truer love” (I.ii.177-178).
8. He does a good job of wooing Lady Anne through sweet words and pretense.
9. He gets away by denying and later accepting he killed her husband by demonstrating that he did it for her love and appearing penitent of the act.
10. It reminds me of men who are able to charm women despite their undesirable character and unfaithfulness.
11. Richard is being manipulative of Anne’s vulnerable position with hideous motives. It is wrong to use another person’s weakness for one’s personal interests.
12. The scene ends with Richard gloating over his conquest and the evil plans he has for Anne and the rest. The audience finally learns how dangerous and manipulative he can be.
The Movie Looking for Richard
1. Al Pacino reacts to the play with great passion evident in his person to person interviews with people on the streets and in his ability to play the leading role.
2. The cast was very professional with some of the leading names in Hollywood and Al Pacino’s ability to constantly change appearance from the clean shaven actor in one scene to a bearded hunchback in the next scene.
3. I liked two lines. The first is Al Pacino when he states, “A person has an opinion. It’s only an opinion. It’s never a question of right or wrong” and as Richard III when he says, “I’ll have her but will not keep her long” to show what a villain he is (Looking for Richard).
4. Pacino’s comments make the movie more interesting because they explain some of the commonly confusing issues in a witty way.
5. Richard is evil, manipulative, and overly ambitious. He can only be compared to the corporate world of today where it takes everything to win and stay on top regardless of how many people suffer in the process.
Shakespeare, William. (1988). The tragedy of Richard the Third. Ed. Mark Eccles. New York, NY: Signet Classic, 1998. Print.
Looking for Richard. Dir. Al Pacino. Perf. Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, Wynona Ryder, Kevin Spacey. Fox Searchlight Pictures, 1996. DVD. Read More
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