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The Element of Style - Essay Example

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She had created memorable illustrations not only for newspapers but written and illustrated a dozen children’s books as well. This is presumably her first attempt at illustrating for…
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The Element of Style Essay
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"The Element of Style"

Download file to see previous pages Kalman seems to be an expert on body language since these illustrations clearly have meanings and stories attached to them. If a picture can tell a thousand words, then Kalman’s paintings certainly qualify to prove this adage. One may well connect each painting to the word it is used to illustrate. For instance, the word ‘should’ may also be used in the sense of a moral imperative, as for example what should be done in such and such a situation. Should imposes this moral duty, (as “one should be kind to the poor”); Could means that it’s the person’s choice whether to act or not; (”he could have reacted sooner and saved the child’s life); and Would indicates that it is highly probable that the person will act in such a manner (“he wouldn’t be such a spoilsport now, would he?”). ‘Would’ is illustrated by Kalman as a man who is relaxed but looking at us keenly and ready to move into action. His body language states that he is ready to get up. But the very fact that he is seated on a chair and near a bed gives one the idea that if he is not motivated to take action, he just might decide to get off his chair and move to relax and lit down on the bed nearby. Something might motivate him to take action, and then again, it might not. The choice is entirely up to him, it would appear so. On the other hand, ‘Should’ is illustrated by the painting of a quaint maiden who sits with her hands folded at her chest in a sitting position. She looks at us out of the corner of her eyes- a sideways glance (Strunk, White & Kalman, 2007, 36). This may refer to the old archaic origins of the word and its usage. She is dressed in red. For some reason, it indicates to me that she should get married as she seems to be a spinster. Although the woman is the focus of the picture, we cannot help noticing the painting of flowers or leaves behind her. The third illustration or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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