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It expresses ideas, unveils facts and connects fantasies to real to environments (Strunk, 2006, pp. 27). It, therefore, is important to keep in mind aspects that develop…
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Writing style
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Writing style Undeniably, writing is the most contemporary element of communication responsible for various developments. It expresses ideas, unveils facts and connects fantasies to real to environments (Strunk, 2006, pp. 27). It, therefore, is important to keep in mind aspects that develop writing while at the same time taking care of important skills. For many years, I have had magnificent growth in my writing style starting from the elementary schools to the current state. Certainly, different people have diverse writing styles; however, quality work manifests a given index of similarity. In this light, the paper is an assessment of my academic writing style, weaknesses and strengths and smart developmental objectives guiding my writing.
The undoubted fact that everybody can write but not to academic requirements has never escaped my mind in writing. As a result, I have often made various attempts aimed at improving my style of writing not only in the educational context, but also in the external classroom environment (Lombardino, 2012, pp. 48). Apparently, I can say with confidence that my writing style has greatly improved since elementary school. I have met with different audiences that define my situation and purpose of writing. For instance, I have written different poems and stories regarding life issues. Arguably, my style of writing contains different literary elements in line with writing elements. I have a consistent use of grammar and elicit application of various writing considerations. Most importantly, I have a clear regulation of style, tone, voice, and diction of my writings.
I have various strengths with regards to writing. Evidently, this not only relates to my sentence formulation initiatives but also referencing requirements, which have become part of writing. Certainly, MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and Oxford writing styles are no longer my writing nightmares but a clear source of my strengths. I have sufficient information on writing techniques as well as requirements from a global perspective. With attention to word choice, I have the ability to weed out unnecessary words in my writings by using precise wordings. I have great touch of sentence fluency ensuring that phrases and wordings do not lead to monotony or reflect parallel ideas. From this perspective, a clear set of strengths that play a vital role in shaping my writing styles. Nevertheless, I have various weaknesses that in many instances have attempted to derail my ability to reach perfection. Looser oral words in many instances affect one’s ability to formulate complete sentences (Ryan, 2003, pp. 119). I am able to control this habit as I add every word that comes into my mind despite complete sentences. Therefore, this affects my personality to rearrange my ideas and realize a greater effect.
To improve my writing I have enlisted various smart objectives. I plan to keep a checklist of writing techniques to facilitate precise and short sentences. Apparently, I have various buildups aimed at limiting grammar problems. I intend to develop proficient reading styles with the ability to detect punctuation errors, clichés or ambivalent errors. Most importantly, to limit the different forms of uncertainties that surround writing, I have inherent authority to avoid pejorative words and bias.
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