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A stereotype is a general idea or set of characteristics, usually based on broad, negative impressions, which are applied to an entire people with no regard for individuality. Stereotypical thinking can lead to prejudicial treatment and beliefs which are based on no real fact…
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About stereotypes , overcoming stereotypes
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Stopping Stereotypes A stereotype is a general idea or set of characteristics, usually based on broad, negative impressions, whichare applied to an entire people with no regard for individuality. Stereotypical thinking can lead to prejudicial treatment and beliefs which are based on no real fact and create an atmosphere of distrust in the community and beyond. However, while a person should be aware of stereotypes and the way in which they can affect relationships and actions, this does not mean that you must take part in such narrow-minded thinking. In order to combat stereotypes one must first recognize the inaccuracy of simplified assumptions about an entire group of people, actively refuse to participate in this type of behavior and thinking, and promote better awareness in those who are influenced by stereotypical beliefs.
Recognizing stereotypes is usually a simple matter as many are ridiculous and untruthful representations. However, it is important to remember that not all stereotypes are obvious obviously insulting, but make still make a generalization about a specific group. For example, the assumption that Caucasians can’t dance with any rhythm is not intensely insulting, but is still a stereotype because it does not recognize the ability of individuals. Though this is not as obvious as more hurtful stereotypes, such as the stereotype such as all African-American being drug dealers, it is still a problem when it comes to accepting and living in a happy, equal society.
By recognizing and actively refusing to allow your actions or opinions to be swayed by stereotypes, you will be able to judge others around you more fairly and accurately. It also makes it easier to realize that people who do use stereotypes as a basis for judging others are not well-informed and usually have no familiarity with the people they are making assumptions about. Knowing this makes it easier to ignore any stereotypes others might apply to us in our lifetimes.
Though it is very important to recognize and avoid the use of stereotypes, the most important step to overcoming stereotypes is in promoting better understanding and awareness among others in our community. By teaching others about equality and the uniqueness of individual regardless of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, we can promote a better, happier, free community in which every person has the same opportunities and are not hindered by prejudice or ignorance.
The exaggeration and generalization found in stereotypes can hurtful or insulting, but ultimately are not true representations of the group they are applied to. By taking steps to actively recognize and avoid stereotypes and encourage others to do so, it is possible to promote a more civilized, safe society in which future generations can grow without unfair or untruthful assumptions being forced on them by others. Read More
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