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Language and literacy: portrait of student readers - Essay Example

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To evaluate the kind of progress that the students were making over the term, a variety of tests to evaluate their progress in reading, writing, and spelling was used to test their level of advancement. The date obtained from their test results was then matched to the level of…
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Language and literacy: portrait of student readers
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"Language and literacy: portrait of student readers"

Download file to see previous pages The data from Martin’s evaluation shows that the student (Martin) had not been able to develop the strong reading strategies that are expected of a student at his level. While Martin demonstrated the ability to understand some of the semantic and graphophonic cues of language, he did not show any clear understanding of the rules of syntax. He lacks the ability to understand the context of the text read, and he does not read ahead to attempt to understand the context and as a result, he has difficulties with understanding vocabulary and comprehension passages. Martin also showed the ability to read and understand basic instructions. His main difficulties are in areas where the curriculum content is in written form. His current level of competence in reading and comprehension is a level of 24. Martin is also seen (from the evaluation of the data) to be working at the Experimental Phase of the First Steps Overview. A student at this phase is expected to be at year 2 or 3. Martin is however a year 7 student.
Because the student has a reading level of 24, he is assigned to read books from Blake Education Sparklers. Alternatively, the student can read books from Rigby Heinemann Harcourt Education ‘Rapid Readers’ books at level 2. These books are expected to help him develop the ability to read and understand because in addition to the story, the books have a glossary of the words used and also have a breakdown of the stories. The books also have activities aimed at the improvement of the student’s reading and comprehension abilities.
Write short compositions detailing the journey and experiences during the bus ride from home to school. Continue to build on the word bank, with words both in his surrounding and out of his surrounding
During the first 5 weeks of the term, the student will be tested using a variety of standardized tests. These tests will help in the determination of Martin’s ability and reading level. The tests to be used ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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