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In the book, The Descendants, what roles does stress play in their lives Describe 3 stressful situations that Matt King, Alex - Essay Example

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The Descendants Alexander Payne directed the American Comedy Drama in 2011. Matt king is one of the protagonists in this comedy and lives a recurrent life leading to a monotonous life. Matt king is the sole trustee of 25,000 acres of pristine land on the island…
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In the book, The Descendants, what roles does stress play in their lives Describe 3 stressful situations that Matt King, Alex
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"In the book, The Descendants, what roles does stress play in their lives Describe 3 stressful situations that Matt King, Alex"

Download file to see previous pages One of stress is that her wife Elizabeth is so sick and is in a coma. For this reason he claims, “I am a the backup Parent”. Elizabeth had written a will that she be left to die in peace. This forces Matt to remove her wife from the life-supporting machine. Secondly, her daughter Alex reveals to him that her wife Elizabeth was having an affair with Brian. This stresses Matt so much that he finally confronts Brain and asks him about the secret affair. ‘Nothing is ever a woman’s fault!’ he snarls, defiantly. It also pains him to realize that his wife did not love him and had planned to leave him earlier even before the accident. The third stress that challenges Matt is the family land. Most of the owners of the landowners who are Matt’s cousin want the land to be sold. However, Matt does not want the land to be sold. He tells his cousins that he does not worry about their threats to make the matter a legal case. He then says, "I think paradise can go fuck itself." These challenges influences Matt’s life and for this reason he blames his wife for destroying his family. However, he finally agrees to forgive her wife and kisses her goodbye (Philip French). Matt solves his problems by forgiving his wife and kisses her goodbye. He also decides not to sell their ancestral land because this land means a lot to them. Moreover, the land values so less hence, the best solution is to keep it. Alex is Matt’s first daughter. ...
She asks her father, “mom was cheating on you”? This caused a rife between the mother and daughter in this film. Another challenge is that Alex is a flirtatious beauty queen. She is obsessed with speed sports on land and water and their daughters. She is also a heavy drinker and drug abusing. She is very rebellious, intellectually precocious, foul mouthed and semi-delinquent. These are all bad habits that are stressing Alex. Alex fails to solve most her problems but she decides to forgive her mother. She also decides to forgive his father and live with his father but she does not stop her disastrous life style. She tells her father, “ am really doing well dad”. Even though Alex is a drunk, she manages to stick with his dad and this enables her to keep her boyfriend is closer to his father, which solves the problem. Most of the time the father reasoned with Alexander’s boyfriend and asked him to take care of Alex. Scottie is a 10-year-old girl. She is Matt’s daughter. Her first problem is that her mother is so sick and is in a coma. At her age, it is so painful to realize that her mother will soon die after making her will that she dies in peace. It is painful for Scottie to see her mother die after the accident. Scottie is also the person who reveals to his father that her mother was having an affair. This is also quite a problem for Scottie to realize that her mother was not in love with his father and had plans of deserting his father for his lover Brian. Scottie is having a problem of parenting. She only has one sister whom she admires but the sister Alex is ill mannered. Interestingly, Scottie develops the bad manners that Alex has acquired. In one of the instances in the movie, Scottie is shown dancing provocatively in front of the swimming pool ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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