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Research Project for the Portfolio - Book Report/Review Example

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Professor Date Nothing in this World Option Ethnic and Political struggles in Former Yugoslavia The former Yugoslavia had the most challenging time in terms of politics and ethnicity. During this time, the nation had a lot of wrangling and this was the major point of conflicts…
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Research Project for the Portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages Each of the different groups was hell bent to have their way, and this was a major point of struggle. These ethnic groups had their leaders who wanted to be in positions of leadership. None of the groups could accept a deal from another ethnic group, thus the war. The Croatians were fighting for their own independence and they did not relent in their quest to be free and disintegrate from the system. This was similar to the Serbians who fought as hard to get self-rule. This was a bitter struggle (Brown, 56). The Bosniaks sought to have a sense of recognition, thus had their struggle light up the whole of former Yugoslavia. This was a time of serious struggles and came with a lot of issues that needed to be resolved. Various political interests played a major part in the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia. Every group needed a relief as they thought the ruling group discriminated on them based on their ethnic background. The continuous struggles between the different ethnic groups lead to full fledged war. When the war could not be sustained, the republics had to have their way thus the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia. Nothing in the world was a piece of work that resonated with the former Yugoslavia break up. Just like the challenges of war faced that characterized Yugoslavia, the book addresses the atrocities of war in Croatia. This book talks about the war between the Serbians and the Croats. This war saw a lot of war crimes committed including genocide and mass displacement of population. Author’s Biography The author of the book “Nothing in the world,” is called Roy Kesey. He was born in the American state of North Carolina, and at some point worked with the education ministry in Spain. Kesey is a distinguished American author who has produced great works that have formed the basis of opinion in so many institutions across the world. He has written about some novels as well as some short stories. He has authored the novel called “Pacazzo” and a short story book called “All over”. His works have appeared on many of America’s top least and have been read by various people across the board (Betz, 623). Kesey has also given his contributions in magazines, and several books gave translations to different languages such as translating Spanish publications into English as well as in French. This has become one of the major achievements. Kesey has won numerous awards on the anthology as well as fictional stories. These have made him a prominent writer and this has been a major contribution to his writing career. The distinguished author resides in Maryland together with the family (Betz, 623). Review of “Nothing in the World” The book is a moving story about war in the former Yugoslavia and the atrocities of war that brought the nation to disintegration. The issues in the book bring about the emotional appeal as the book gives an account of the very things that caused the war. The Serbians and the Croats were pulled in a bitter ethnic tussle that lead to war that was more characterized by genocide and mass transfer of population. This brought a lot of humanitarian issues during this time. The book gives an account of one who has been caught up in a war. The story takes one beyond the issue of war and this paints a picture over which a lot of things can be painted. The book gives an account of the tensions and wars, but on the other side it gives the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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