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How to Improve Learning in Bachelor Students - Research Proposal Example

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This paper deals with all vital information necessary to help Bachelor Students in Project Management Department understand the importance of project implementation strategies through portfolio management. Most of the pieces of information are gathered from an extensive literature review…
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How to Improve Learning in Bachelor Students
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Extract of sample "How to Improve Learning in Bachelor Students"

Download file to see previous pages This paper attempts to explain how college curriculum could be improved to help Bachelor’s students under the main idea behind their studies. Normally, large organizations utilize certain strategies as they implement their project management procedures. In this same way, this proposal will educate Bachelor’s students the right way to go about doing their portfolio management.
A firm can handle one project or multiple projects at the same time, and the important thing is that such a firm undergoes similar project management processes. What a Bachelor’s student needs to understand are all these procedures necessary in successfully managing a portfolio. Even though most of the contents in this paper are suggestive recommendations that could be utilized in improving the curriculum of Bachelor’s students, however, it also explains the important roles or functions of project managers and other components of project management.
The first thing is that the Bachelor’s student should first of all see himself as a Project Manager (Lewis 24). Therefore, he would need to carry out the following roles of a Project Manager: Managing the project (s) is the sole duty of the project manager (bachelor’s student), and this involves series of activities, including planning, execution, monitoring, control, and closure of a project. These activities are analyzed step-by-step below:
(I) Planning: A project manager needs to plan ahead some important things about the project: Like he/she would have to inspect the location for the project; he/she would have estimated the overall cost of the projects; he/she would have to arrange about the recruitment process for the experts that would work on the project; he/she would need to quantify any unforeseen problems that may occur during the execution of the projects. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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