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Bachelor Degrees for High School Graduate Student - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Bachelor Degrees for High School Graduate Student” the author discusses the form of learning involved in the educational system, which is a straight line and because of its efficiency in the past, few or no parents or high school graduates question it…
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Bachelor Degrees for High School Graduate Student
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Extract of sample "Bachelor Degrees for High School Graduate Student"

Download file to see previous pages According to Vedder (n.p), rising college education prices are attributed to variations in college policies, and distortions on student financial assistance programs. The consequence is that only those who can afford the high prices attend college while some of the remaining opt for two-year vocational education, which is cheaper and quicker, thereby offering the students the opportunity to engage in work earlier. In this section, employment and employment rates are analyzed by comparing college graduates and vocational studies or two-year college students (Couch n.p). The perspective of this section is that student graduating from a two-year college education is the better option for graduate students compared to a college degree in terms of employment.
A major advantage of two-year college education compared to a college degree is that it is faster and easy to partake. This is advantageous for the students since they do not have to wait for four years prior to getting into the job market (Hamm n.p). Consequently, the two additional years spent by four-year college graduates deny them additional years in their careers. Besides being faster to undertake, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (n.p) rates two-year college education as responsible for the fastest-growing occupations in 2012 and projected that it will have the highest occupations growth by 2022. Figure 1 below indicates the statistics.
From the table, the fastest-growing occupations do not require a four-year or advanced college degree yet the payment are to some extent higher than the average salary for four-year College graduates (Hamm n.p). Davidson (n.p) reveals that the trend of faster growth in mid-skill jobs can be attributed to the fact that the jobs that had been shed off during the recession period are slowly getting back to the market.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bachelor Degrees for High School Graduate Student Assignment.
(Bachelor Degrees for High School Graduate Student Assignment)
Bachelor Degrees for High School Graduate Student Assignment.
“Bachelor Degrees for High School Graduate Student Assignment”.
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