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Global Era - Essay Example

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Name Professor Module Date Global Era The United States of America is considered the leading economy in the world. This has been due to a number of approaches, which includes implementation of programs and projects. These projects and programs have been fundamental in improving the economy of the world…
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Global Era
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Download file to see previous pages For example, the United States has improved its ties with Canada, United Kingdom and France. This has been an approach of ensuring both countries have a better hand in running their economy and other external affairs. The close ties with these countries have improved education, economy, wealth creation and an improvement concerning pollution. To begin with, the United States and United Kingdom are two countries that have been working together for a long time. Apparently, they are some of the greatest economies of the world. Therefore, working together would be a prudent approach in improving the economy of each other. As a fact, the relations between the U.S and UK are complex relations that range from shared history to corporation in the present day (Reitan 8). First, the two countries have various similarities in their religious affiliations, language and identical system. Therefore, they are prepared to work together since they have similarities. This is a better avenue of making close ties with each other as they are bound to benefit. Secondly, both UK and U.S have expatriates in each other country. Expatriates are professionals that assist in solving contentious issues that affect the two countries. Similarly, the expatriates help in strategizing on the best approaches in the two countries. For example, in this global era, both UK and U.S are adept in fighting terrorism (Reitan 9). Since the September 11 attacks, the UK and U.S have been categorical in annihilating terrorism. This has embedded trust in each other as they are fighting on the same side. Thirdly, the United States and United Kingdom have developed “special relationships” with each other concerning the “trans Atlantic alliance.” This is an approach where the UK and U.S make ties to assist the global economy. This will instil stability in the world as many countries will realize the positivity of this approach. Lastly, the relationship between the UK and U.S is considered the most fundamental bilateral joint venture in the world. On one hand, the U.S has the American foreign policy. This policy deems to enhance the ties between the U.S and the UK. On the other hand, UK has initiated the British foreign policy. With these two policies in place, the two counties will have enhanced approaches to development (Reitan 9). Apparently, many countries have benefited from such policies as the two countries offer unparalleled help. As a fact, these two policies have helped the two countries in political alignment, commerce, finance, mutual trade corporations, technology and academics. For example, UK is the leading investor in the U.S, while the U.S is the principal investor in the UK. Mutual relationships between Canada and the United States have been in existence for over two centuries. Apparently, this led to development of the international relationships, which were considered mutually beneficial. As such, the United States has been influential in making close ties with Canada, as a country. To begin with, the two countries are economic partners. The United States is a chief economic partner to Canada. Similarly, Canada has improved its economic investments in the United States to level the trade. This has been a major step in ensuring the two countries are mutually benefiting in the global era. When Canada invests in the United States, there is a mutual benefit where there is job and wealth creation. These developments are also extended to Canada as the two countr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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