Choose ONE member of the King family to focus on in your --either Matt, Joanie, Alex or Brian Speer. I this person ethical - Essay Example

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The Descendants Matt’s character in The Descendants is an example how to ethically deal with a cheating wife. Matt’s behavior is rational. He plays the ‘game’ by remaining within the ethical boundaries. According to the Dictionary of Common Philosophical Terms ethics are defines as; “the branch of philosophy that investigates and creates theories about the nature of right and wrong, duty, obligation, freedom, virtue, and other issues where sentient beings can be harmed or helped.” (Quizlet, 2013) Matt King is a middle aged Hawaiian…
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Choose ONE member of the King family to focus on in your essay--either Matt, Joanie, Alex or Brian Speer. I this person ethical
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"Choose ONE member of the King family to focus on in your --either Matt, Joanie, Alex or Brian Speer. I this person ethical"

He tries to get his family together and starts to live without his wife. Then suddenly he learns that his wife had been having an affair. He has his two daughters and the elder’s dumb boyfriend with him. He sets off in the search of the man that his wife was having an affair with. If Matt had acted any other way than he did with his wife’s lover, he would have crossed the boundaries of ethics. His behavior can be put to the ethical test as; There is a reason why Matt qualifies as an ethical person. Mathew forgives his wife. When Matt becomes aware of his wife’s affair he gets mad like any husband would. He tries to confront the person involved in the affair but when he reaches hospital where his wife in in a coma he breaks down. He tries to talk to his unconscious wife as if trying to confront and talk about it. He is very emotional at that point. The reader gets the impression as if he has forgiven his wife. When he is alone with his wife and it is almost time for her to sleep forever, Matt gets closer to his wife and kisses her on the lips. He brushes her hair and says good bye. It is only obvious that he has forgiven her. If I use publicity test, Matt will pass. Reading a headline saying that Elizabeth, Matt King’s wife had an affair with a man named Brian would have destroyed both the families. It was Matt who prevented it. Ethically Matt did everything right by forgiving and keeping the matter under the hat. Matt wants to find Brian to tell him that Elizabeth will die soon. Even though he is enraged by the fact that this man (Brian) had an affair with his wife he feels an obligation to tell him that Elizabeth is dying. He finds Brian confronts him but also lets him know that death looms around his wife. His action can prove him an ethical man from consequence test. Suppose he doesn’t tell Brian that Elizabeth is dying then after some time Brian would somehow find out that his ex-lover is no more he could have been devastated. Matt was told that Elizabeth loved Brian and she was planning to marry him. Matt considered this an obligation to tell Brian assuming what he had been told was true. Brian prevented the unwanted circumstance and hence qualifies as an ethical man. Matt also didn't tell Julie (Brian’s wife) about Brian’s affair with his wife. He goes to Brain’s house and tries to confront him because he is boiling with rage. However, he doesn’t yell it out in front of Julie. He only lets Brian know that he knows and he is outraged by it. He also tells Brian about the condition his wife is in. If I use consequence test, Matt will come out as an ethical man. Consider the scenario if Matt had told Julie about the affair. Brian, who is the father of two children, would have been devastated. Matt cared about Brian’s family life. Conclusion Even though there is no justification to what Brian did, however, telling him sternly was necessary. Matt let his anger out by telling him in whispers that he knew of his affair with his wife. Ethically this was the best move. Brian is portrayed as a man who can easily cheat on his wife. May be the way Matt confronted him scared him and warned him that there shouldn’t be any next time. Matt did not keep quiet about the affair; he Read More
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(Choose ONE Member of the King Family to Focus on in Your Essay--Either Essay)
Choose ONE Member of the King Family to Focus on in Your Essay--Either Essay. https://studentshare.org/english/1493486-choose-one-member-of-the-king-family-to-focus-on.
“Choose ONE Member of the King Family to Focus on in Your Essay--Either Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1493486-choose-one-member-of-the-king-family-to-focus-on.
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