Global Water Shortage (Sudan) - Research Paper Example

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Global Water Shortage.
Water has proved to be a scarce commodity in most parts of the world, especially the clean drinking water. As per today, close to 1 billion people in the developing world do not have access to water…
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Global Water Shortage (Sudan)
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Download file to see previous pages Water being the fundamental of life, it is ironical to see some people taking a whole day searching for it. Instead, it was supposed to be adequate for everyone, equally. In places like the Sub-Saharan Africa, people take too much of time looking for this precious water, thus reducing their potential (Fiona, 2013). Many people lose their lives, livestock, education and their economic development just because of this water shortage. The biggest question we are left asking is that; if water is fundamental to life, what causes its shortage? Global water shortage is caused by a number of reasons. Some are direct, while others are profound. Some of the causes of water shortage include global warming, drought, flooding, and climatic change (Srinivasan, Lambin, Gorelick, Thompson, & Rozelle, 2012). The mother of all these cases is said to be global warming. This is where man’s activities such as industrialization leads to the emission of ozone gases which causes change adverse changes to the world’s climatic pattern. This leaves many affected areas with inadequate rainfall yet; rainfall is the mother of water (CSM, 2012). Harsh climatic conditions, caused by the effects of global warming, bring about drought and drying up of the ground underground water sources. In case nothing is done to control this problem of global warming, serious water crisis problem is yet to face the entire world by 2030. This is where the global water requirement may outstrip its sustainable use by 40%, as predicted by the Organization for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD). Case Study of Sudan In Sudan, most people do not have access to clean drinking water even though River Nile is known to be the closest river around. Most parts of this country are dry and not everyone lives near the Nile River to even access the unsafe river water. In addition, it is very difficult to access the Nile River has given its terrain that has poisonous and dangerous creatures which scares people away. People living along the Nile River are much affected by HIV/AIDS given that they solicit for sexual favors in exchange for water. Sources state that only 40% of the entire Sudan has access to clean drinking water, while the rest die in the water crisis. Being listed as one of the major countries in the world whose citizens seek refuge from other countries, the major reason behind the alarming rate of refugees from this country become that of water shortage. Sudanese flees to the neighboring countries like Kenya in East Africa, in order to stay at a place with plentiful of water. According to Jason (2012), more than 35,000 people had fled Sudan in 2012 to Kenya, in search of water. Water shortages in Sudan have led to several other problems so he people including health problems, where waterborne diseases attack the people as they use dirty water for drinking and others dehydrate to death due to water scarcity. Children do not go to school since they need to walk several thousands of miles to find water; this takes almost a whole day or sometimes, several days, hence they have no time to go to school. Economic activities such as livestock keeping and farming cannot take place in some parts of the country since there is no easy water access to those parts. Solution to the Problem The only remedy to global water shortage is that; we should control the emission of the dangerous gases to the atmosphere so as to reduce global warming. In this way, we can reverse the harsh climatic conditions, hence avoiding droughts and drying up of our wells, lakes and rivers, (Cook & Bakker, 2011). People should also be trained in better water management programs so that when it rains, they are able to harvest the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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