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Conversation between countries - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Conversation Conversation is a form of communication; it can be interactive and spontaneous between two or more people following the etiquette rules. Conversations take place in different platforms. In this case, we will discuss a conversation taking place in cyber space, on a social networking site…
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Conversation between countries
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Download file to see previous pages People adhering to cosmopolitanism and its different ideas are known as cosmopolites. Kwame Anthony Appiah uses the term “cosmopolitanism” to describe people with different abilities, who come from different backgrounds to get along with each other in a globalized and deeply connected world, an ability he likens to having conversations. Appiah also discusses cosmopolitanism as a rubric for social change, where the practice of people getting along together, conversing, is a more effective agent for change than reason or arguments. He writes, “Conversations across boundaries of identity; whether national, religious, or anything else, begin with the sort of imaginative engagement you get when you read a novel or watch a movie or attend to a work of art that speaks from some place other than your own” From the context in question about the subject matter being the dispute of the Diaoyu islands.US senator John McCain accused china for encroaching on Japanese territory claiming that “Diaoyu is Japanese territory” this statements have elicited mixed reactions from different quarters on the issue, with, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson stating that these islands are Chinese territory and those claiming it are unwarranted to do so. The Chinese has called upon United Nations officials to halt their irresponsible remarks to prevent the situation from escalating any further. According to Kwame’s cosmopolitanism concept, is a critic of boundaries and claims we should abandon these boundaries and live like the citizens of the world. The islands dispute is a pointer that indeed Kwames argument is valid as this can stop the crisis on boundaries like the one on Diaoyu islands. It stated that these islands are part of the Chinese territory from historical maps and scientific data and it is evident that it was Chinese territory. Kwameh states that “There’s a sense in which the concept is not of the answer but of the problem” (15). Thus cosmopolitanism by itself is not a solution but it’s that aspect of people understanding each other. Conversation doesn’t have to lead to an agreement or consensus about anything or everything, especially not values; it’s enough that it helps people get used to one another (30). In line with the United Nations convention on the law of the sea Chinas possession of the island is indisputable. This casts a lot of doubt on the Japanese siege of the island and on grounds of its strategic location. But even more inviting is the involvement of the United States in the whole dispute it’s thus seen as the US is having a hand on the claims by Japan bearing in mind their close ties. The dispute finds the U.S in a closed fit due to its foreign policy to strategies though; it has overtime maintained an unbiased position. So as not to provoke China’s claim of the island; this again brings to the foe kwamehs’s principle of globalization. It shows how boundaries can lead to more conflicts bearing in mind the two nations are super powers. Appiah admits that conversation about boundaries may be delightful or vexing (19). Vexing is the core thing in this context where this dispute can potentially lead to a big diplomatic row among the states involved. Though on a greater probe its evident Mc Cain’s statements are to serve his own interest by settling political scores back home in America. This brings attention to kwamehs claim when he quotes that; what ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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