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Sythesis between the 2 books SULA and The Education of Little Tree - Essay Example

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Tutor name Subject name Date Rewarding evil and punishing good in the society: a Synthesis of Sula and The Education of Little Tree In most cases, society finds itself punishing the good and rewarding evil. This act may not be blamed on the part of the society, but on the nature of evil and good that confuses the way society view the two binary oppositions…
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Sythesis Essay between the 2 books SULA and The Education of Little Tree
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"Sythesis between the 2 books SULA and The Education of Little Tree"

Download file to see previous pages Sula recounts a story of two childhood friends; Sula and Nel. In the course of the narrative, something strange happens when they were young; two girls played with a neighborhood child named Chicken Little. As Sula was swinging him around his hands, Chicken Little accidentally slips into a river and is drowned. The two girls decided not to tell anyone. From then on, Sula lives a life of self blame and she always considers herself evil and lives evil life, but Nel considers herself noble because she was not the one involved in Chicken Little’s death (Smith 185). She lives a positive life and embraces propriety and goodness. In the whole narrative, it is clear that the lives of both women are determined and shaped by the views they hold of themselves. The Education of Little Tree is a story of a five year old boy whose mother dies, and he is later adopted by his Cherokee grandparents. The boy at that time had no name and, therefore, his grandmother names him Little Tree. Little Tree and his grandparents live in the Tennessee Mountains from which he is taught to trust his instincts and respect nature. In his life as the narrative recounts, Little Tree learns about the evils of the white business men and politicians. When the boy is taken to a white people’s school to be assimilated, he is overwhelmed by racism and his grandfather rescues him from the school’s cruelty. The interplay between good and evil has a common end in the two books. In Sula, the good and evil, represented by the characters of Nel and Sula respectively, are closely intertwined. Both women colluded to hide a secret in the story and at last, although Sula lives a desperate life of self blame, Nel hypocritically assumes a life of goodness (Smith 189). In The Education of Little Tree the writer of the memoirs is controversial in real life (Honnighausen & Gennaro 288). This book was highly acclaimed because of its antiracist critique and its recount of simple life, love of nature, and tradition. However, the truth of the book story was busted when Dan T. Carter, a distant cousin of the author and a professor of history reveled that Forrest Carter was the real Asa Carter's (Carter 1); a former member of Ku Klux Klan, a white racist supremacist movement that entrenched segregation. With this revelation, the novel requires a critical look given that the author tried to hide his identity as well as his beliefs in the name of displaying humanity in himself whereas he is among the most loathed white supremacists in history; a true incarnation of evil. Asa Earl Carter may have written this book as an atonement of his guilty side, and this brings out his racial hypocrisy. In this case, the author tried to bring about the issue of evil versus good. The evil side of him was physical, but his instincts, like the instincts of his personified character the Little Tree were instilled in his writing an anti white supremacist text and lived to claim that he was not Asa Carter (Honnighausen & Gennaro 290). His changing of name shows the struggle between the real, which was evil and the fake which was depicted in the book. At last, the good triumphs and the truth is revealed although he was dead by then. Like Nel in Sula, who lives his physical live as a good person and later realizes that she had been hypocritical, Carter’s person in his book is later revealed and the world knows the true identity of the writer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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