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The Trouble with Little Tree - Book Report/Review Example

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I read “The Education of Little Tree” and I liked it okay but it was sometimes boring. It was interesting to read about Cherokee history and culture, though, and how it was taught by his Cherokee grandparents to the author, when he was a child. …
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The Trouble with Little Tree
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Download file to see previous pages I was feeling mostly good about the story, even though the plot was simple and it kind of dragged real slow in places, until near the end. I went online to find some sources that would help me think about it more. To my surprise, I found out more than I ever wanted to know. It turns out the author was a fake. I say “was” because he is dead now, which is no big loss I guess, since he was a person filled with hate and he was especially racist. People I know who are racist usually just don’t like a particular group of people, but this author was against more than one group.
For one thing, he didn’t like Jews. He also hated Russian Communists. He especially didn’t like Blacks. He’s the guy who wrote a speech for George Wallace that said, “Segregation now...Segregation tomorrow...Segregation Forever”. He was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He was in charge of a paramilitary group of Klansmen who castrated a Black man and attacked Nat King Cole. He tried to murder the District Attorney and even tried to kill two of his fellow Klansmen. In his opinion, Black policemen were the uncivilized descendants of cannibals. He had a right wing radio show so that he could express his hatred regularly, and try to infect others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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