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Separation of church and state - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Task Date Separation of the church and the state The first American constitution amendment was very strict on the separation of the church from the state. This aspect led to diversification of religions in the Americas, as the government did not have the right to prohibit or endorse a religion…
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Separation of church and state
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"Separation of church and state"

Download file to see previous pages The religious beliefs have however had a visible role in the national culture, as well as in the daily American lifestyle. Should the separation of religions and the state hold? If so why should the state and religion be separated? If no, why should there not be a wall between the state and the church? Thesis statement: There should be a wall between the church and the state. The freedom of religion, as in the constitution of the land bars the government from creating any laws that either proclaim any religion as the one of choice or forbid the existence of any. This brings in freedom to individual citizens to be able to be part of any religious organization or none at all. The freedom is translated to public schools where no school is supposed to base its education on a religious perspective. This serves to maintain respect of individual beliefs. In this regard, most schools totally avoid religious connotations to anything. The respect realized, due to the governments stand is therefore a vital stimulant to healthy cohabiting as people would not feel offended fro belonging to a certain religious wing or not belonging to one. Government’s stand on there being a wall between the church and the state is necessary in downplaying religious discriminations and interference, necessary for peaceful coexistence. Due to this prevailing freedom, government properties such as buildings or any other venues are not allowed to discriminate against any entities that would seek to use the facilities, based on their religious affiliations. The government, however, protects the citizens from individuals who would try breaking the law on religious grounds. The government, as well, ensures that religion is not used as a basis to deny others of the basic rights such as voting, tenancy etc. The freedom of religion prohibits the government from interfering with the practice of any religion or imposing of policies that can interfere with the running of the religions. With the above points in focus, the government’s delineation from religious activities is vital in creating room for citizens of many backgrounds to coexist peacefully. From a political stand, the establishment of the separation-of-the-church-from-the-state clause in the constitution was very essential maintaining sobriety in the use of state funds. The clause acts to bar any religious organization from using government resources for their interest or to push their agenda. In this regard, a religion, irrespective of the majority public backing cannot enforce their ideas to their benefit, through the use of government resources. The clause, therefore seeks to tame the more popular religions from exhibiting control or dominance over the less popular religions. The neutrality of the government, hence, allows people to freely exercise their beliefs. The clause prevents those who may wish to force a particular belief on others from doing so. Such cases are students being forced to pray in school irrespective of their affiliations, people who may wish to erect religious monuments in government property or sticking to various religious accords in public. The clause allows the government to support programs that might have religious affiliations, but have a public advantage. Such a program is the school voucher program that grants vouchers to students to attend private schools that are religious in nature. Such funding, though might seem to have religious backing by the government, is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Separation of church and state
At the time of the inclusion of this provision in the American constitution, it was seen as a revolutionary and progressive policy to adopt. 2- Where did it originate? Is it the US constitution, what did Thomas Jefferson mean when he spoke of maintaining "a wall of separation between church and state?
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Thomas Jefferson
Ultimately, Jefferson believed that the relationship that a person has with God is highly personal. By extension, having a legislature that seeks to enact laws and policies that dictate how the nation should worship God would in fact interfere with a person’s personal relationship with god.
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The Separation of Church and State
There are different reasons why people want a separation of church and state. The first reason is because the rights of the minority will probably be violated by the majority meaning members of a majority religion are favored by the state often while the minority religion are persecuted, harassed and socially shunned.
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
Separation of church and state
For example: some may argue that separation of state and religion means that the state or the government should not intervene in each other’s issue and they are two different things (Corbett 220). Others might argue that the separation of state and church should be seen in the context of law making and legislative operations.
6 Pages(1500 words)Essay
Separation of Church and State
(Owen 493) Though the language of the First Amendment seems clear enough on the issue of establishment and Free Exercise, the notion of "strict separation" is cloudier. The history of the debate about the role of religion often seeks to attribute particular intentions to the founding framers based on their political and religious belief and imposing those beliefs on the language of the constitution.
8 Pages(2000 words)Essay
Segregation of Church and State
The fundamental queries are uncomplicated. Do worldly head of states and their group have faith in some god or groups of mysticism whose authority goes beyond that of secular governors Moreover, does a top quality class of people, pastors or other specialists in holiness, exclusively comprehend the celestial laws and desires If so, should not secular rulers, rulers or parliamentarians agree with their rule to the godly will as understood and expounded by the priestly adepts Otherwise, on the other hand, should secular rule hold itself strictly aloof from all religious questions Therefore, the church-state connection has been the focus of argument and controversies all through the past (Frase
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The meaning of Thanksgiving and the separation of church and state
In Of Plymouth Plantation, when speaking of the first Thanksgiving gather, John Bradford talks of how, “Thus they found the Lord to be with them in all their ways (Bradford
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Separation of Church and State Essay
This means that, at times, there is a strong enticement on the part of some citizens to transform their religious principles into public policy. Specifically, if religion is a significant influence in a citizen's life, that citizen seems more probable to seek government support of religiously based values.
13 Pages(3250 words)Essay
Separation of Church and State

The study leads to the conclusion that the great Western religious traditions call for the denial of the self. Life in God's presence means, basically, a life lived in the knowledge that we owe the reality of our existence not to an accident but to Divine Will. The compulsions that knowledge creates we can never fulfill, which is why the religious life is a life of determined.

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Argument...........Church and State should not be separate
This has become the basis for the separation of the Church and the State, with the Church charged with spiritual matters while the State looks after the temporal matters. However, separation of this two crucial pillars of society goes back much longer in history.
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
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