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Argument/Rhetorical Analysis - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Rhetorical Analysis Rhetorical analysis is the art of evaluating author’s use of several devices to present his arguments and appeal to the audience. This can range from a text or printed source to advertisement…
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Argument/Rhetorical Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages For example, ethos involved using values of a given group of people or community to communicate a sense of morality. Normally, these are values or moral characters highly cherished and practiced by this group. Adverts utilize visual images, diction, details, sentence structure and language to draw the consumers’ attention to their products and make an ethical appeal (Koksal 77). This means that advertisers tap into the unconscious mind of the consumers to influence them into buying their products rather than making them decide consciously. Hence, instead of presenting reason/logic advertisers manipulate ethical values of consumers through ethical appeal and persuade them to buy the advertised products. A study carried out by Tian (1) on What Appeals to Chinese Consumers reveals that cultural values plays a major role in both print and televised adverts. Analysis of the adverts shows that both local and international brands share one thing in common, that is, the adverts incorporate Chinese cultural elements in order to appeal to the China market. Among the most valued ethical aspects in Chinese are the morality, cheap, community and tradition. Therefore, nearly every advert utilizes one or all these aspects to appeal to the Chinese consumers. This same concept of using cultural values, community and tradition to appeal to a targeted group of consumers is evident in the Coke Africa Advert. The Advert dabbed Africa Let’s go Crazy explores the value of kindness, generosity, helpfulness, sharing, and togetherness among other community values. As commonly perceived, Africa is a place of friendly people who still have the heart to share some kindness. The Africa coke advert uses mostly the visual elements to pass on the message of kindness. In the advert much emphasis is on the images and actions of people, as commonly said, action speaks louder than words, and sure it does for this advert. Similarly, there is also use of sound whereby in the background an artist sings about the kindness of Africa. In addition, the advert uses also print with careful choice of words to enhance their message of persuasiveness. What is more captivating about the advert is that it is set in community where people seem to be poor, but they are ready to share their kindness with strangers and among one another despite the poor economic status. From a photography taking pictures for free to a traffic police helping people, it is all about the joy and happiness spread everywhere in the community (YouTube). Moreover, the advert states, if the world things being kind is crazy, then Africa let’s go crazy, which shows careful choice of words and message that echoes in every African mind and give them pride in their values. No doubt, this advert aims at appealing to the cultural values of Africans by touching on what they value most, as opposed to spreading logical reasoning on why they should buy coke. Similarly, the Lifebuoy YouTube advert, Help a Child Reach Five Years uses the ethical appeals of health and safety. Just like the coke Africa adverts; this advert is also set in a remote village that seems to harbor people of low economic income. However, the spirit of togetherness is abundant among this people, which is also another value utilized by the advert. The advert shows an old man celebrating in the most unique and amazing way his first only grandchild to reach five years. The rationale behind this celebration is that most children die before they reach the age of five because diseases such as diarrhea among others ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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