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Business of war and war of the business - Essay Example

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[Institution Name] War of the Business and Business of the War This essay contains the analytical assessment of two of the Hollywood movies, Life and Debt by Stephanie Black and Lord of War by Andrew Niccol. The essay would look into the plots of these two cinema masterpieces from the cultural and film perspectives based on the theme business of war and war of the business…
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Business of war and war of the business
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"Business of war and war of the business"

Download file to see previous pages Life and Debt is a documentary based on A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid. Released in 2001, Life and Debt analyze the economic and social scenario of Jamaica with the discussion of international financial institutions like International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank’s impact on Jamaica’s macro-environment. Moreover, the impact of globalization and global financial institutions’ structural adjustments on Jamaica’s economy are also discussed in the 80 minute long documentary. The documentary won 8 internationally renowned awards due to the ideology presented in the documentary (Internet Movie Database line 1-10). Lord of war was released in 2005 and is considered as belonging to crime war movie genre. Produced and directed by Andrew Niccol, Lord of War portrays the life of an illegal dealer of arms and presents the psychoanalysis of Yuri Orlov. Nicolas Cage has played the anchor role in the movie as Yuri Orlov and the majority of the part of the movie revolves around acknowledging its audience that how international arm dealers adds to the ongoing wars in different parts of the world for the sake of increasing profitability of their business (Internet Movie Database line 1-8). First of all, the focus would be laid on the mise en scene that these two films were based on. Both movies project the deteriorated scenario of two different but financially similar societies initially. Lord of war starts with the manufacturing of bullet at a Soviet firm and its shipment to an African war zone, thus reflecting how the fire arm trade is worsening the already worst scenario in African nations like Zimbabwe, Congo and Somalia. On the other hand, Life and Debt starts with the voice over of lead artist telling the story of Jamaica’s financial system’s destruction in the hand of global financial institutions and their efforts to implement globalization policies into the business systems of Jamaica. In this sense, the plots of these two movies are almost same, but Lord of war focuses on acknowledging its audience about how arms dealers create wars in different regions of the world so that their revenues keep on increasing. Whereas, Life and debt focuses on acknowledging its audience about how financial institutions of the world had used their power to enrage war of business and finances in Jamaica. In this manner, both these films are same to each other when it comes to projecting war culture in different movies and the social abuse that business commit towards different nations of the world. But at the same time, these movies contrast to each other as far as the basic tool projected in both of the movies, i.e. fire arms used in Lord of War and financial resources used to create war in Life and Debt. The biggest similarity between Lord of War and Life and Debt is that these movies focuses on delivering the message that business should not forget their social responsibility and ethical boundaries to expand the size of their revenues. Lord of war explains how Yuri Orlov committed himself to international crimes by selling weapons to militant forces in Africa. While dealing with African dictators and militants, Yuri forgot his social responsibilities and ignored the innocent people who will be killed with the weapons he sold. Even he did not considered his brother’s death and wife’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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