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Opportune love - Essay Example

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Linda had been in hospital for a week now, although she could not talk, most of her other senses had improved drastically since she was discharged from the critical care ward; Kelvin had been visiting her in hospital before he went to school…
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Opportune love
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"Opportune love"

Download file to see previous pages He also made sure he prepared breakfast for her, which she gave nurses to feed her when he could not be able to do so himself. All this time, Kelvin had been wondering where the poison that Linda had come from as she trusted Liz to imagine she could have been responsible for the act. One day after dropping Linda’s breakfast at the nurse’s office, he decided to go and see Liz who had only gone to visit Linda in hospital less than four times. On arrival at her house, he met two suspicious looking and heavily built men leaving the house, “are you Kelvin from Beverly Hills?” asked one of them in a deep voice, “Why are you interested in knowing my identity?” Kelvin asked him arrogantly as he closed the door to his car. The other man, who all this time had remained quiet seemed surprised by the way Kelvin had answered their question, because they were not used to people arrogantly talking to them or the courage that Kelvin had showed when he talked to them. Doubting their motives, he decided to leave them and proceed towards the door. He rang the door several times before Liz could open it, he entered inside leaving the men, who had now took their respective seat in their car, still staring at him. Inside the house, Kelvin and Liz exchanged their usual pleasantries, they sat down on the sofa facing each other, and Liz was staring into Kelvin’s eyes, which made him blush and face the other side of the room. It was now evident there was something that was going on in Liz’s mind but which she could not bring herself to tell Kelvin, he seemed to realize this and gave her time to compose herself. He excused himself and picked the remote control from an adjacent chair to which Liz had been sitting, as he was going back to his seat, Liz pulled her to her chair and gave her a peck on the forehead, Kelvin was confused on the meaning of the peck, he smiled and sat on the armrest of the chair. “Kelvin” Liz started “I know you suspect that I am the one who put poison in Linda’s meal, I am not going to accept or refute those claims, but there is something that I have always been eager to tell you though I never got the chance”. Not sure of what Liz was going to say next, Kelvin requested Liz to bring him some warm water; she did so hurriedly as if she did not want to forget what she wanted to tell him “The poison that Linda took was because of my mistake, but I did not…” Liz stated to tell Kelvin, those words had a great impact on Kelvin “you mean Liz you are the one who wanted to kill Linda even after she gave you her story? Are you the Liz I know? Did u plan to poison me too? Was it...” Kelvin slammed the glass of water that he was holding on the ground and rushed out of the house shouting at the top his voice. The commotion attracted the gatekeeper who came to know what was going on. He found the two men who he had met at the when he came in to Liz’s house earlier sitting on the bonnet of his car. “Kelvin,” maybe you should listen to her side of the story before you judge her” said one of the men whom he had talked to arrogantly in their previous encounter. Kelvin did not want to listen, but when he saw the men advance towards him, instincts directed him to run, and that is exactly what he did, he run towards the gate leaving his car behind. He found a cab some few meters away, he boarded it and directed the driver to drive him to the university. On arrival at the university he found his friends waiting for him at the parking bay, he greeted all of them using their signature shoulder butt greeting. The group of Kelvin and his friends started walking towards their favorite corner in the university compound where they preferred to hang out during their free time. “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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