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Research Paper for The Passionate Shepherd to His Love - Essay Example

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Subject: Essay, English Date: Topic: Research Paper for "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" Introduction The wise saying goes, ‘Love is like the bird with colorful wings that remains in the heart of the lover. It moves there with tantalizing speed and makes the lover a bard’…
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Research Paper for The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
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Download file to see previous pages Such poems have been the trend with the poet fraternity for seventeen centuries prior to Marlowe’s penning this poem. On a careful scrutiny of the submissions relating to love by the shepherd, it can be safely concluded that he is interested in a bout of physical pleasure with the nymph than to stand up for the cause of true love. In the first stanza, the shepherd extends a cordial and hearty invitation to his lady- love to accompany him by assuring, “and we will all the pleasures prove” (Marlowe, line 2.) The forthright mention of pleasure has an undercurrent of sexual tone. The question whether the call of love is gentle and direct without any hidden agenda will be examined in the latter part of this paper. He desires to introduce to his lady-love the magnificent topography of the rural area of England, dotted by “And valleys, groves, hills and fields, Woods or steepy mountains” (Marlowe, lines 3-4), which are capable of imparting pleasures of abundant varieties to the lovers. He desires to bring to the notice of his lover that nature is generous and her capacity for benevolence is measureless. To eulogize nature for the bounties she offers throughout the year in one form or the other is the common theme of the pastoral poetry. It has the dignity of its own and is distinctly different from the ordinary rustic verse. “When Raleigh responded to the "soft" pastoralism of Marlowe's "Passionate Shepherd to His Love," he presented the data of "hard" pastoral-the mutability and discomfort that the real cycle of seasons offers in place of ver adsiduum: "The flowers doe fade, and wanton fieldes / To wayward winter reckoning yeeldes" (40). Each critic sees the new horizons in the pastoral poetry and thus the interpretations vary. Subsequently, the poet discusses about the location of the love-play and draws clear-cut distinction between the rural and urban ambience. The love-birds will not visit an auditorium or take part in a feast, but would love to be together on rocks, under the greenwood trees, or along the bank of rivers to exchange their merry notes. The shepherd is aware of the freedom that he enjoys in his profession, though it may appear insignificant from the point of view of a city-bred critic. The perquisites of the rural surroundings offered by nature are indeed great. Some of them according to the shepherd are, watching other shepherds feed their flocks, listening to the melody of waterfalls and the birds singing, expressing their joy and mirth. These are the enticements offered to his lady-love by the shepherd and such auditory and visual pleasures are the hallmark of rural life. One sees the shepherd in a distinctly different mode of love and he is quite vocal in his expressions to win over his lady-love, as revealed in the 3rd, 4th and 5th stanzas. The reference is mostly to the stylish apparel, and other embellishments the shepherd is going to provide to her. The tone and attitude of the shepherd is like that of a dress designer and the fashion consultant of the metropolis. His offerings are rich and the language is aristocratic. The nomenclature given by the shepherd to them is “delights”. The reader is in genuine doubt now, whether he is the shepherd at all, or the feudal landowner, controlling authority of several such shepherds. The listing of the intended offerings to his lady-love is stunning and demands ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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