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Article Response Paper Author Institution Article Response Paper A brief outline of the main points discussed in the article The article aims at defining what is meant by literacy autobiography and how it relates to reflectivity, especially with regard to accounts of first-person…
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Article response paper
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"Response paper"

Download file to see previous pages The article also points out why LA can be regarded as a crucial phenomenon to be used while teaching some issues related to language. The article also focuses on the theoretical perspectives, which guide literacy autobiography, and how useful they can be termed to be with regard to literary autobiography. The article outlines that L1 and W1 should be included in the L2 classroom (Steinman, 2007). Personal observation After reading the article, I gained outstanding knowledge regarding literary autobiography. The article is helpful in a number of ways, and the immense information contained in the article forms the basis for a deep understanding of what languages entail. From the article, I have managed to learn that there are various theoretical frameworks that support LA. I have learnt that certain writing conventions can be regarded as significantly crucial. These writing conventions include affective, textual, cognitive, contextual, as well as political. Language also plays a crucial role in the development of thought. LA is vital to learning for teachers, as well as multilingual students. The L1 writing skills held by writers can be regarded as crucial since writers tend to bring such skills when they take part in L2 writing. The article outlines the crucial role played by information regarding early literacy. As stated in the article, information about early literacy determines the factors that have an impact on the academic writing skills of students (Steinman, 2007). The article outlines that the classroom can be regarded as a place where trans-cultural dialogue takes place. This means that students from diverse cultural backgrounds interact and the cultural beliefs of each student have to be respected. It is worth noting that the article points out the little advocacy with regard to the inclusion of L1 in institutions of higher learning such as universities and colleges. The article also points out levels of change, which tend to be three. These levels include change of practice, material and beliefs. Numerous approaches prove to be helpful in the literature and research of Literacy autobiography. Some of the central approaches encompass socio-cultural theory, communities if practice, multiliteracies, as well as contrastive rhetoric. LA is instrumental in examining how writing practices, as well as writing, differ between cultures. Based on multiliteracy, meaning should be derived from all forms of language used in teaching. The article explores various ways in which students from various backgrounds tend to be welcomed in a community of practice, which consists of various languages and students from diverse backgrounds. Writing is crucial to the developing of collaborative learning, as well as value and thought (Steinman, 2007). Excerpts “I have since been taking part in studying, talking, and thinking about contrastive rhetoric, which refers to the study of writing values and writing conventions, as well as how these tend to vary in different cultures” (Steinman 2007, p.564). “ I discovered the implications and significance of writing conventions such as political, affective, cognitive, contextual, and textual. Consequently, I started rethinking what I expected second language students in my class to bring out appropriately and what they could not articulate with a lot of ease” (Steinman 2007, p.564). The reason for choosing the above excerpts is because they fundamentally address the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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