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Research an anilyze an that pertains my research proposa - Article Example

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The article by Wagner and Urios-Aparisi (2011) was not specifically about Spanish in the classroom but it did give details about how to use humor in a foreign language…
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Research an anilyze an article that pertains my research proposa
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"Research an anilyze an that pertains my research proposa"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose was to answer questions about humor. These questions were: “How effective is humor in the foreign language classroom?”, “How are concepts of humor in the different cultural contexts learned by foreign language students?”, “What role do theories of humor play when studying the use of humor in the world language classroom?” (p. 400). The purpose of this article was to give information about the use of humor in the classroom and to answer these questions. The authors studied the research in “education, linguistics, and psychology” (p. 400) to answer the questions.
Although the hypothesis was not written as a hypothesis, it was clear that the authors assumed that the use of humor in the classroom would be beneficial to both students and teachers. They also thought that some forms of humor could be easily identified and therefore they could create a profile of humor that could be used in any classroom. This was a directional hypothesis because the authors could use humor in the classroom in any way they wanted to see what would be the most effective.
The authors clearly stated that research has not been done on the effects of humor in the classroom so they relied on journal articles about humor in general. They took articles from “education, linguistics, and psychology” (p. 400) in order to give them a broader idea of how humor would work in a foreign language classroom. They also went into classrooms and observed how humor was being used and the response that the teacher received from the students.
The subjects involved were students and teachers in whole world classrooms. The authors relied heavily on their observations and the body of research that was already presented. The authors did not state how they arrived at the subjects.
The authors set out to find ways to use humor in the foreign language classroom that would benefit all teachers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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