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Why we should be far more skeptical about the death penality - Essay Example

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Why we should be far more skeptical about the death penalty
It is apparent that the issue of the death penalty has been debatable for quite a long time. Nevertheless, not a single study has ever elucidated on whether the death penalty should be endorsed or not. …
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Why we should be far more skeptical about the death penality
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"Why we should be far more skeptical about the death penality"

Download file to see previous pages Basically, the bone of contention has always revolved around religious beliefs, and the application of utilitarian theory whereby the advocacy has been to go by the side that yields greater benefits. For those that advocate on the death penalty, it is evident that they wish for the end results to have impact on reducing the number of crimes. On the other hand, those that feel that the death penalty is not a better solution hold the view that there are other ways through which penalties can be applied in order to curb the crime menace (Shaykh 84). Nevertheless, whichever the side that people go by, it is apparent that the underlying principle is for everyone to be skeptical about the reality on the ground. As Bertrand Russell argues in his article, it would be necessary to consider articulating on uncommon opinions, which would in a way be of help in the transformation of social and political systems. In this regard, it is analytically correct to argue that the side that people could be less skeptical about could be the side with potential to offer solutions to an issue with dilemma. For example, it is unclear if many people endorse the death penalty. Nevertheless, going by the hypothesis that many people do not advocate for the death penalty, it could have some implications that having the death penalty in place could help in reducing the incidences of crime (Yorke 205). For example, one would argue that putting the death penalty in place would create some fear to persons with deviant behaviours. In fact, in another dimension, some victims of deviant behaviour by the defendant would only feel that justice has been done if the death penalty is executed on the offender. Perhaps, this would go in line with what others would term as favoring offenders if the death penalty is not imposed on them. All in all, I would not advocate for the death penalty. It is evident that those that advocate for it would be less skeptical about it. Nevertheless, I would argue that having the death penalty in place would not for example cause resurrection of somebody killed by the offender. If anything, this would be causing another crime of murder. This is where the issue of religious beliefs comes in. Many religions do not advocate for the death penalty as it is associated with going against the will of God (Stewart 102). In a broader sense, if an alternative punishment can be put in place, it is apparent that the offender would in a way be helped and could probably change his/her behaviours. This could arguably be true because, for example, if the offender is subjected to parole or probation sentence, there is a possibility that the offender could be reformed and change his ways. However, since the death penalty has been viewed as an inhuman act that violates human rights, civil right groups have been campaigning to have it fully eliminated. Many countries have abolished execution and adopted other forms of punishment. Many people have argued that the death penalty is useless and does not help the victims or even the offender himself. Opponents of the death penalty belief that right to live is the most important human right and needы to be honored. The death penalty cannot be compared to normal death as it comes with physical torture to the victim from the time one has been convicted to the death penalty. One is subjected to a state of fear and mental torture as he has been made aware of when he will die. An act as this one should be discouraged as it is against the human rights. In another dimension, opponents of the death penalty argue that in the quest to have justice done, many people are punished for the crimes they did not commit. Many innocent people have been subjected to capital punishment as at times arm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why We Should Be Far More Skeptical about the Death Penality Essay)
Why We Should Be Far More Skeptical about the Death Penality Essay. https://studentshare.org/english/1478943-why-we-should-be-far-more-skeptical-about-the.
“Why We Should Be Far More Skeptical about the Death Penality Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1478943-why-we-should-be-far-more-skeptical-about-the.
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