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Constructing an argument - Essay Example

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Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Insert Date Fear of Rejection Introduction More than ever, there is an increase in the number of factors that may cause fear in human beings. Suffice to say, many people have either deliberately refused to make attempts to stand out of the crowd for fear of being rejected or have refused to make attempts that either aims at bettering their lives or adapting to dynamism that come with packages of technology…
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Constructing an argument
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"Constructing an argument"

Download file to see previous pages Rejection is a scenario where one feels a sense of discontentment as a result of not being capable of achieving something or being below other people’s expectations. The fear of rejection cannot be ignored since its consequences are so numerous due to emotional and psychological torture that comes with it. It does not make one a lesser being when one undergoes fear of rejection since it is something that is inevitable at one time in life. Trying to control your sub conscious mind to deviate from such thought is akin to running away from reality of life. Accepting every challenge that comes in life is a means and a remedy to making you a better person through self acceptance (Dooly 260). It is necessary to define fear of rejection before proceeding further. The fear of rejection can be defined as the act of intrinsic, irrational anxiety which is inherent out of the phobia of people unfamiliar to us otherwise known as xenophobia; fear of failure, fear of love (philophobia), technology (technophobia) or even resulting from socializing , also known as sociophobia. As a matter of fact, it must be acknowledged that the difference in people’s in born features and biological elements in them may cause them either to develop fear of being rejected by others or withstand challenges that may befall them. My arguments will thus be geared towards opposing the fear of rejection. However, the fact that fear of rejection is a natural occurrence should not deter one from attempting what they feel is a worthy duty, thanks to a number of counselors, books and therapies that are currently available (McDonald et al. 565). Despite a number of people’s stereotypic belief that science and psychological counseling and therapy are capable of doing little to avert incidences of fear of rejection, much can be done with the application of these exercises. For instance, there are people who are naturally born shy; others are not actually shy but fear trying out new and unfamiliar things. Such people can be helped to achieve and boost their ego and the necessary self esteem that result from such fears. This can be done by organizing interactive sessions that will help them articulate the genesis of their fear and trying to find long term solutions aftermath. Mentioning history of people who have managed to overcome fear in their lives can act as great examples to be emulated. This is just an example of tried and tested fear-elimination method through which one can be helped to realize his or her worth (Jarcho 1890). Acknowledging that fear exists typically in every aspect of one’s cycle is the first step to assisting those who constantly fall victims of the impulse of fear. One reason why, for example, most men do not get the right spouses is because they fear losing. In the event that they try to convince the ladies to accept a hand in marriage and fail, most of them easily give up. Little do they know that a woman may say no for the first time, but again accept the request another time. The ego in men does not permit them in most occasions to accept defeat; they would rather stop trying than fail in the event of trying. Unassertiveness is also a characteristic feature of people who experience fear of unknown. Fear that is not managed or harnessed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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