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The Ethical Issues Concerning Abortion - Essay Example

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This paper under the title "The Ethical Issues Concerning Abortion" focuses on the topic of abortion which is a touchy one and more often than not all discussions of it end up with both sides heated and walking away feeling they made no progress or impact on the other side.  …
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The Ethical Issues Concerning Abortion
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Extract of sample "The Ethical Issues Concerning Abortion"

The Ethical Issues Concerning Abortion
The topic of abortion is a touchy one and more often than not all discussions of it end up with both sides heated and walking away feeling they made no progress or impact on the other side. It is a touchy subject, and should be treated as such; however there is often a good and a bad way to make an argument for either side. The antiabortionists often sit on a moral pedestal, and the pro choice prefer it to be a sanctuary of human ideas and liberty to make that decisions and not have it imposed on them.
The article that we had to read is all based off of one assumption that the whole argument of abortion is made or broken by the idea that a fetus’s life is something either worth protecting or not. Normally I would say it is a bad idea to totally bas one’s argument off an assumption, and I think that that is usually a good rule of thumb to follow when constructing an argument, especially if there can be found a whole in your argument based on the assumption that you made right from the start!
However, in this instance I feel that her assumption if somewhat justified. The writer attempts to back up their argument by tossing around names of other people who believe as she does, and instead of trying to argue against them she decides to assume they are correct and argue with them. It is an interesting stylistic way to present an argument.
It does solve the problem of having to argue that point, as she comes off right from the bat stating that she will not argue that and that the whole argument is based off the idea that is taken for an assumption. And while I originally thought it would be ineffective and not work well in the thought process of an argument, it ends up working out quite well for the writer throughout the course of the article.
It works for one reason, and it is because of this that I think it is justified to use that assumption. I can find no holes in that assumption, and it is a very fit and sound one to start off an argument.
For is the whole abortion debate not over weather or not a fetus is a person? The whole idea is debated over weather or a not a fetus is a person unfit to kill or not, and the assumption that the whole argument is based off that is correct, because that is the entirety of the abortion argument.
Now, you might think that there is more to the argument than that, but the author debunks that idea in their next paragraph, and states that this whole argument is going to be base don the ethics of abortion; not the subtleties that exists in various cases.
And with these ideas she starts up and opens what is followed by a very sound argument, one that totally support the sound assumption it is based on. I found myself being impressed, as I originally was holding out to bust the earlier assumption, and soon found myself thinking that it really is all about the idea of a fetus, and if they are in fact people or not.
In the end, I believe it is a totally justifiable assumption, and it works exceedingly well in the course of the written argument, even though I did not think that to begin with. Read More
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The Ethical Issues Concerning Abortion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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