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Narative - Essay Example

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Institution Tutor Topic: A Short-lived Marriage Course/Number Date Department One fine morning in Kavirondo, as the waters of the Great Lake shimmered and trembled at the lightest touch of the breeze and the Siala (markhamia lutea) trees swayed gently in the warm air, Obierika, a young man in his mid twenties, tall, dark and well built made his way through the jostling crowd to the bus station…
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Narative Essay
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Download file to see previous pages Unable to withstand the thirst that raked his throat so mercilessly, Obierika approached one of the hawkers around and bought himself a small bottle of Sprite soda and sat under one of the city council shades that had recently been erected and waited anxiously as he sipped his soda. He remembered his college days back in the capital and more especially, his sophomore year for this was the time he met her. And quite frankly and to his amazement, never at one time could he clearly say that something about her in particular had made him fall for her. Everything in her from her hair to toe baffled him. She was a good girl too; kind, joyful and morally upright. Indeed, up until the time, he was going to officially meet her at the bus station and take her back to his house to consummate his union with her as his wife as was customary, she was still a virgin; untouched, uncorrupted and undefiled- pure. He sighed, smiled and took another sip- the last one. Again, his mind drifted away to the day he had gone to negotiate his wife's bride price. “Five cows for my only daughter!” He recalled how his putative father-in-law had barked at his elder brother who stood as his negotiator in the dowry settlement a month earlier. “Do you insult me? I, Odiero, great chief of Talabi, educate my only daughter, clothe her, keep her upright all these years then you come and take her away- just for five cows?” Kamongo, a cousin of Obierika intervened, “We come only to negotiate a suitable price, that both parties may be satisfied with this arrangement in the end.” He was also part of Obierika’s spokesmen. However, commotion ensued at the station that halted his thoughts abruptly. Four heavily built young men with black t-shirts with the word ‘SECURITY’ boldly emblazoned on their chests, followed in hot pursuit after a scrawny man shouting at the top of their voices, "Catch him! Stop that thief!” The fleeing man, attempting to escape into the shocked crowd tripped and fell on dry earth with a heavy thud. The four, panting their lungs out, taking their chance quickly grabbed him as he desperately tried to get up on his feet and run further. They dragged him to their security office raining blows and kicks on him for the troubles he had caused them as the crowd of onlookers speculated as to what he may have done. Some said he had stolen a purse from a lady passenger, others said he had been caught urinating in public, as women rumoured he had raped a goat meant for sale in the nearby market and painstakingly cursed on what had become of their men’s morals and so on. With the evolution and mutations of those women's gossip, it was hard to separate fact from hearsay and sieving the truth from lie was a pure calling in itself, and a divine one too. An old dusty bus pulled by, letting out a huge cloud of exhaust smoke that caused Obierika and a couple of others seated with him to cover their noses and look away momentarily. She would be in it, he knew, for this was the bus that normally plied the route to Anyango’s fatherland. Anxiety and joy gripped him all at the same time. It was near mid-day now and the sun burned with the intensity of the hour as Anyango appeared from amongst the group of alighting passengers. She had carried with her a traditional bag made from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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