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Discuss the various reactions that the Choragos and Chorus undergo throughout the play at various key points in Oedipus Rex - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Chorus Reactions in Oedipus Play In the context of classical literature, Oedipus play features as one of the most popular and successful domestic tragedies ever written. This Greek tragedy succeeds in communicating the intended message to its target audience through utilization of various literary techniques…
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Discuss the various reactions that the Choragos and Chorus undergo throughout the play at various key points in Oedipus Rex
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Extract of sample "Discuss the various reactions that the Choragos and Chorus undergo throughout the play at various key points in Oedipus Rex"

Download file to see previous pages Character development through the first part of the play allows the writer to introduce desired qualities and attributed related to the role played by that character later. In this case, it makes it easier to develop and maintain a given theme within the major sections of the tragedy. Oedipus Rex Play comprise of categorized characters each assuming an inherent role in depicting an actual ancient Greek society. In this context, one character in the play is Chorus, also commonly referred to as Choragus in plural. Within the play, Chorus refers to a group of elders representing the voice of society in general. In the event of response and reactions, Chorus addresses the theatre as an individual. However, the voice of that individual incorporates responses of all the other elders making up that team. Chorus acts as the judge or a third party reflecting on developments taking place within the play (Ley 12). The group questions the moral and philosophical inclination of other characters in the play. In addition, the group advice kings and other leaders in authority during decision making process. Chorus possesses theatrical freedom since their role as a group can operate both within and outside the plot’s boundaries. ...
As stated earlier, Sophocles develops distinct character traits at the beginning of the play. The tragedy adopts and maintains these developed characters in creating defined and sustainable themes throughout the plot development. With respect to Chorus, the group reacts to plot subjects in an almost consistent manner. As representatives of the larger society, Chorus inclines their objective responses to desires of peace and stability within the subject society. Chorus vehemently disapproves actions of Antigone’s brother in their struggle for leadership positions. Within the first section of the play, Chorus reactions support Antigone’s actions and decisions. Creon, who was the King as this part of the play, gave a decree preventing any member of the kingdom from staging a burial ceremony for Polynices. According to the king, Polynices proved their disloyalty and betrayed the empire; hence does not deserve respect even at burial (Sophocles 201). At this section, Chorus reacts to Creon’s decree by insinuating that the new king plans to abuse power. The group of elders emphasize on the importance of respecting the law of the land and those of gods by leaders. At the beginning, Chorus praises Creon and the Greek people at large on the manner in which man can achieve desired goals through concerted efforts. The group illustrates man’s ability by describing the manner in which Greek men tamed horses, snared birds and cross vast seas during winter (Sophocles 36). However, the tone of their ode changes towards the end of this first part. Chorus reacts by insinuating that man can misuse power in a manner likely to compromise law of gods and that of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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