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Animals Rights - Essay Example

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Animals serve as the speechless creatures that are unable to express their feelings and thoughts in such a manner as it is attributed to the human beings in general. The present paper aims to elaborate various rights and privileges associated with the animals of various kinds on the part of the humans…
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Animals Rights
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Animals Rights

Download file to see previous pages... Though the animal owners make big claims regarding the proper and appropriate care of the speech creatures they have maintained in their supervision and custody, yet the available facts and figures aptly disregard these claims made in respect of apposite treatment of the animals. First and the foremost responsibility of the masters towards their animals is provision of sufficient food according to the tastes and requirements of their respective carnivorous and herbivorous animals. Nevertheless, one of the most frequent complaints made against the animal-keepers include the poor quality and lesser quantity of the food being offered by the owners. It is particularly the case with the beasts e.g. lions and tigers, which just rely upon meat in order to survive. Somehow, their masters often make complains regarding their problems while affording the meat in such a high quantity. But the question is this that if they are unable to provide the beasts with sufficient meat, should they have any reason to keep them hungry on ethical grounds. Since animals are physically far more powerful and energetic than humans, they certainly require more food in order to survive on the one side and for performing different activities on the other. It is therefore adequate quantity of food in necessary for keeping them healthy. Another prominent cruelty inflicted upon the animals is the attack made on their freedom and liberty. The animals have the right to move here and there without having any restrictions upon them. Somehow, some areas could be specified for their free movements so that they could not harm the humans. It has aptly been observed that most of the “owners keep the animals in chains; it is particularly the case with the beasts i.e....
This paper stresses that there are many steps to be taken for the safety, protection and well-being of the animals. The political authorities should impose complete banishment on the animal hunt, by laying special stress upon banning the hunting of rare animals. In addition, “complete and regular checks up of all the pets and beasts kept by their masters must be declared compulsory one from the governmental recognized veterinary hospitals and medical centers in order to assure their health, fitness and cleanliness”.
This report makes a conclusion that it becomes evident that animals are the sign and symbol of the beauties, tenderness, delicacy and aesthetics of nature; in the same way they are equally representatives of the valor, strength, power and aggression maintained by nature. Nonetheless, “the animals are in an extremely vulnerable state of affairs in the residences, circuses, zoos and other commercial centers, where they are inflicted with various kinds of cruelties and atrocities”. The beasts are not the exception altogether, as they have to undergo electric shocks and severe tortures at the hands of their stone-hearted masters. There is an urgent need for the establishment of regularity authorities for the imposition of strict bans on the hunting, trading and torturing on the animals, as well as for the assurance of proper food and cleanliness of the speechless creature, so that the humanity could be escaped from the natural disasters and calamities come as the revenge against the criminalities and offences against the hapless creatures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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