Sleep: Underrated in America - Essay Example

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Sleep is conventionally referred to as a naturally recurring state that is characterized by relatively suspended sensory activities, absent or abated level of consciousness and a general inactivity of almost all suspended muscles. …
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Sleep: Underrated in America
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"Sleep: Underrated in America"

This means that sleep is quite distinct from a coma and quiet wakefulness stemming from the inability to respond to stimuli. In a highly capitalist world which is characterized by cutthroat competitiveness, the incessant quest for profit maximization and an unrelenting pressure to achieve, the tendency to sidestep or disregard sleep as a sacrosanct part of man’s life has become increasingly profound. The reality and the consequence of this development are therefore divulged upon, in the discussion that ensues forthwith.
Paul observes that sleep is a behavior which inheres all complex living organisms and human beings spend a third of their lives in it. Paul is categorical that most industrialized societies do not get proper amount of sleep and that this trend eventually brings about catastrophic effects on people’s personal lives, physical and mental health. The concomitance between industrialization and sleep complications has its underpinnings in the adoption of the 24-hour economy and the misconception that sleep is one of the least productivity human activities while being busy is attributed as a symbol of status. To this effect, while the human body is designed to sleep on a 24-hour cycle, sleep is regarded as a less important part of life (Paul, 22).
The aforementioned problem is also underscored by developments that take place in different lines of profession. In the medical profession for instance, sleep in general, and sleep disorders are assigned only 15 minutes on average, leaving physicians and other medical practitioners too ill-equipped to appreciate the real benefits or implications of respecting or disrespecting proper amounts of sleep. The gravity of the development above is that with the increasing underestimation of the importance of sleep, medical expenses soar and medical intervention becomes less successful. This is because, sleep has therapeutic value. Research results strongly show that adhesive ad cohesive forces of the body are best at work during sleep. The rationale behind this development is that it is during sleep when elements of nutrition which are responsible for the production of adhesive and cohesive forces are secreted the most. Particularly, it is during sleep that the body uses vitamin K, calcium ions and iron to secrete platelets, which are in turn enmeshed in a dense network of insoluble fibrin molecules. It is for this reason that wounds are found to have improved faster after a night’s sleep, than any other occasion. This is to the effect that lack of enough sleep slows down the pace of recovery and undermines the possible success of a physician’s medical intervention (Ince, 56). Paul continues to wax polemical that other technological developments such as the invention of the light bulb have greatly contributed to the current trend of sleep deprivation. This is obviously because, with the invention of the light bulb, man was provided with a source of light and the prospects of staying awake even throughout the night became a reality. Particularly, Paul is categorical that after the invention of the light bulb, fewer pieces of literary works featured depictions of sleep, compared to the situations which preceded the light bulb (Paul, 45). The import of the foregoing is that the culture of disregarding sleep brings about economic implications as medical attention is diverted to giving the consequent physical and mental implications that lack of adequate sleep brings. Similarly, it is a fact that a population that is ailing from sleep disorders is one that has lower extents of keenness and concentration span. Given that the same society has a higher proclivity to mental and physical complications, it is logical that cases of optimal productivity in the corporate, civil or Read More
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Sleep Disorders
(Cherry, 2011) mentions that stage 1 characterizes the beginning of sleep in which one drifts in and out of sleep, while the muscle activity gradually slows down. Stage 2 refers to the stage in which the eye movement altogether stops and brain waves get slower, while there may occur an occasional burst of hurried brain waves.
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There are states of partial consciousness which can be revoked by stimulation. A person spends about one-third of his life whilst sleeping. Sleep is significant for every person because it recharges his body and mind. It makes him fresh because it is a crucial ingredient that goes into delivering work regimes on an out and out basis.
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Sleep deprivation is usually coupled with a lot of fatigue and boredom which remains with the patient throughout the day. He also feels lethargic and throws up most of the times during the day. The psychological effects resulting from sleep deprivation include the aching muscles which suggest that human muscles require a certain amount of sleep before they could be put to good use again.
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