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The Mysterious Forest - Essay Example

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The Mysterious Forest The long, red rays of the sun cast an eerie glow on Daryl’s face, highlighting the glint of excitement in his eyes. He kept trying to persuade Keira to check out ‘some weird markings’ he had found in the forest nearby. …
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The Mysterious Forest
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"The Mysterious Forest"

Download file to see previous pages I bet you will worship me after you see them for yourself. I know how much you love a mystery”, he said, tugging at her hands. Keira looked up at her best friend and seeing how earnest he was, she decided that he was not pulling her leg. She got up from the comfortable hammock in her house’s patio and headed off after Daryl towards the forest. Before leaving, she called out to her white shepherd dog, Snow, who she knew was aching for a walk since a long time. As she and Daryl trudged along, Keira wondered how she could have forgotten how far the forest was from her home. It certainly has been long since Daryl and I used to play there as kids, she thought. Aloud, she said, “Do not leave me in suspense, Dar. At least tell me what those markings look like. Is it related to a UFO or what?”. “I myself do not know for sure. I saw them in the morning when I went to take some leaves for my sister’s science project”, answered Daryl with a look of confusion on his face while he fed Snow some biscuits he had brought along. When they finally reached the edge of the forest, Snow suddenly started barking and tugging at the chain. “Whoa! Easy girl”, Keira murmured, “What has got into you?”. Looking around, Keira noticed that it was getting pretty dark outside as they had left for the forest just before night started to fall in. She was just about to suggest coming back the next day, when Snow broke loose of the chain and bounded off into the forest. “SNOW!”, Keira and Daryl shouted at the same time and ran behind her. Branches and leaves whipped at their hair and faces while Daryl and Keira dashed blindly through the forest. They could hear Snow’s barking in the distant, but no matter how far they ran or how loud they called her name; her barks seemed to be going farther and farther. Daryl started slowing down and whispered, “Wait wait!”. Keira reluctantly stopped, waiting impatiently for him to catch his breath. The moon was right above their heads by now, allowing Keira to clearly make out the fright on Daryl’s face. In fact, the whole forest was lit up by the moonlight, making the tall trees cast eerie shadows everywhere. Keira felt a pang of fright herself; Snow’s barking had stopped by now which meant that Daryl and she were all alone in an unfamiliar area of the forest. Suddenly, she heard Snow yelp in pain and then everything was silent again. Before she could even react, Daryl started muttering, “No no no no it cannot be. The markings were on the other side of the forest” , backing away from her. The moon was about to get covered by clouds, but before everything went dark, Keira caught a glimpse of Daryl’s eyes- they were wide with fear and staring past her. She quickly turned around and squinted into the dark clearing ahead of her. But before she could make out anything, she heard the rustling of leaves and the crunching sound of someone heavy walking towards them from the clearing. Daryl let out a startled cry and took off into the forest, away from her. However, Keira was rooted to the spot with fear. All sorts of things went through her mind, especially the recent news reports on television about children going missing and ending up dead. The snap of a twig brought her back to her senses, causing her to whip around and start running like crazy. Keira did not know where her feet were leading her to because the only thing on her mind was to get away from this place or rather, this ‘presence’. Suddenly, she slipped on the wet floor and losing her balance, fell hard on the ground. While struggling to get up, her hands bumped against something cold and clammy. She jolted with fear, but before she could let out a scream, Daryl’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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