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The impact of Wireless technology on the field of Communication and computer engineering - Essay Example

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The world changed a lot over the past few decades. Although the world had started to change since the industrial revolution of the 19th century, yet the change has never been as big as it has been since the creation of computer and especially the internet. Today, we have wireless technology. …
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The impact of Wireless technology on the field of Communication and computer engineering
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Extract of sample "The impact of Wireless technology on the field of Communication and computer engineering"

Download file to see previous pages Today, we have wireless technology. Examples of wireless technology are all around us including mobile phones, laptops, USB internet, and cameras etc. These technologies are very important because they help us stay connected with each other all the time. The impact of wireless technology on communication and computer engineering is very big. In this paper, it has been discussed how big the impact of wireless technology on communication and computer is engineering. Communication is conversation, interaction, or change of words, ideas, or messages between two or more than two people at the same time. For a long time in the history, when there used to be no wireless technology or even wired technology, people used to send letter to each other through post. That was a very time consuming process. The postman delivered the letters by hand. It took even more time for the sender to get the reply from the person through letter. Then came wired technology. The history of wireless technology can be traced back to “1896 [when] Marconi took his apparatus to England where he was introduced to Mr. (later Sir) William Preece, Engineer-in-Chief of the Post Office, and later that year was granted the world's first patent for a system of wireless telegraphy” (, 2013). When telephone was created, it changed communication a lot. It took the quality of communication and its speed to a whole new level. People contacted each other by phone. Those used to be large phones with bells and buttons containing digits. Although those wired telephones improved communication a lot, yet they were difficult to set up as one needed to do proper wiring in order to be able to talk through them. Then came mobile phones. In the start, only few people had mobile phones and it was considered a status symbol. However, over the last decade, mobile phones became very common and even very poor people started having them. Mobile phones took the communication to an even higher level. Using mobile phones, people did not have to connect to each other through wires because mobile phones were wireless. They worked by catching signals from the air. This shifted the responsibility over to the mobile phone companies and the telecommunication companies to install their towers everywhere so that the signals would propagate everywhere. Once these towers were installed, people became very free. They could talk to each other both within the country and outside using mobile phones. Communication became completely wireless. Over the passage of time, mobile phones improved in quality. They became thinner, smarter, and sharper in that their features were improved. Then came mobile phones with cameras installed in them. This further improved communication because people could not only talk to each other, but also exchange photos with each other that were captured using the mobile phone’s camera. Internet is another technology that is available in wireless form and has had a great impact over communication and computer engineering. Today, internet is available in different forms. There is a wired form and there is a wireless form also. In the wired form, internet companies provide wired connection to the users at their homes. They connect their computers or laptops to the internet device using wires. Wires are inserted in ports, one in the desktop computer and the other in the internet device. Laptops have an edge over desktop computers because they consist of wifi facility. Wifi catches signals of the internet device so that internet can be run on the laptop without having to connect it to the internet device using a wire. Using such internet connections, people started communicating with each other in an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my essay. "The impact of "Wireless technology" on the field of Communication and computer engineering." helped me out a lot! Especially the list of closing part was valuable.

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