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Problems of the Communication Technologies - Term Paper Example

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In this paper, the author describes the security risks article, provides a glimpse of the wide array of problems and solutions in wireless communications systems. The author also shows the wide range of skills, talents, and services that need to be addressed…
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Problems of the Communication Technologies
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Extract of sample "Problems of the Communication Technologies"

Download file to see previous pages The article features the latest Nielsen finding on the use of mobile phones among teens in the USA. In the Nielsen survey, it was found that an average US teen sends and receives about 3339 texts or short messaging system per month indicating the strong growth of mobile phone use. This translates to six messages every waking hour for any teen. In the age range of 13-17, teens average 646 minutes per month talking, which also meant less talk as compared to the previous year survey finding. 62% also indicated the use of Multimedia Messaging Services or MMS which is also more known as picture messaging.
The study found the differences of teen use for the said mobile device: females average about 4050 messages per month but males use more data translated to 75MB of mobile data per month. The data was taken from analysis of 60,000 mobile subscribers and survey of 3,000 teens.
The data provided by the news article indicates a trend in the use of one of the products that use Wireless Communications Systems or Networks. It is considered reliable as it was a survey and study undertaken by the popular survey group Nielsen Co. It is another positive news article on the point of view of a professional like me who are focused on Wireless Communications Systems.
The data also meant a promising career for someone like me, or others involved and interested in the networks. It means that services thrive and that there is an uptrend on the use of wireless networks. Considering that the survey focused on teens who will soon join the population with personal or professional income, it indicates a favorable investment trend towards wireless networks. It solidifies the other news articles and reports provided in this paper about the growth of wireless networks. While it is not conclusive to point out that wireless networks will boom on all fronts or on all products it may spawn and launch in the future, the articles indicate positive future for investors, companies, and individuals who are engaged in the industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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