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Inspiration/Inspirational Moment - Essay Example

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Full name Professor Subject Date What Makes Bill Gates Inspiring Finding an inspiration these days seem to be difficult. Perhaps when people are asked to tell about individuals who inspire them, they would think about popular figures who contributed to history during a distant past…
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Inspiration/Inspirational Moment
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Extract of sample "Inspiration/Inspirational Moment"

Download file to see previous pages Bill Gates became a name synonymous to modern technology. He is known to be a brilliant person whose parents have become supportive allies to his education. Believing that Gates is intelligent, his parents transferred him from his public school to the more demanding and challenging atmosphere of the private school. The parents perhaps expected the child to follow the footsteps of his lawyer-father so that they invested a lot on his education. After high school, Gates was sent to Harvard to pursue his studies. However, he has shown some interest in computer programming and in business. He later left the university to work, following his interest and inclination. What is found inspiring in this event in Gate’s life is his self-confidence. He was given the chance every individual would be envious about, going to a highly recognized school to get a degree with the support of his parents. Nevertheless, he left a promising future in the career his parents desired for him. During the time that he started with his career in connection with computers, there were still no personal computers and the idea was actually rejected by IBM, a dominant player in the computer industry, for a number of years. The first creation of Gates which is the Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) became his big break in the business world. He also showed his brilliance in being careful to retain his right to sell the application to other companies. Aside from being an intelligent and successful person, what is perhaps more inspiring about Bill Gates is his big heart. Even though he became rich and famous, he did not just aim at making his life easy and having all the good things in this world for himself. Instead, he thought about other people who are less fortunate. For this reason, he gave a lot to foundations and actually created a foundation under his name. Gates is the kind of man who does not boast about his achievements but rather shares his wealth to other people. Although he is confident about himself, he is not self-centered as to be too concerned about his own welfare and not notice the people around him. His foundation shows that Gates has a big heart comparable to a big mind. This is perhaps the reason why he has been so blessed. He knows how to give back to those who have helped him achieve his dreams and to share to the needy. Sometimes, it could be difficult to share with other people hard-earned money. However, to Gates, it is nothing. It actually became his priority that he resigned from his job as chief executive of Microsoft to have his attention fully on the foundation he and his wife established. This move once again shows how near his heart really is to the people who need his help. He did not just think about what he will earn as the CEO of Microsoft but he also considers the welfare of other people. it is also known that he contributed $28 billion dollars to charities focused on scientific research and international development. Many people indeed are benefitting from such programs, not only for those who are able to study but also for those who cannot afford to make their lives better without the help of other people. As a scientist himself, Gates shows his support for those who have the ability and interest in computers to improve their lives just as he did by financing charities aimed to further scientific researches. This reflects that Gates is not the selfish kind of person but has the desire to help others through every manner he could. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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