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Interview with grandfather - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Interview with Grandfather Introduction My grandfather, Abdullaziz, is the greatest person I have ever seen in my life. I have never met anyone who has as honest a heart as he has with his family and with other people. My grandpa was born in Jun/01/1930, this day makes me proud, because I born in the same day and month…
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Interview with grandfather
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Download file to see previous pages The paper has been able to apply the learned reflections for a mission engagement (Cash & Charles 53) My grandpa stayed with his father before he passed away. He shared his father’s personality. So my mother told me a lot of stories about him, and how everyone loved and respected him, because he loved and respected everyone as well. He was not a rich man, but his inheritance was a little bit of money, and big cows and some small cows to benefit from it. He had worked when he was 15 years old, and he sacrificed for his family because he always was saying “I don't want you to need any help from anyone except me”. My grandpa had used his cows to sell some of her milk to get money. I took a lot of his character because I really like what he had done in his life. Previously I did not realize anything before I heard my grandfather’s story, but after that I become serious and responsible about everything especially my family. For instance, how he made his dream, how he was helping everyone, and how his behavior and his personality were. First of all, in that old days everyone had an independent work and no one needed to get any help from others; all of them helped themselves. But obviously if they asked anyone to have what they need they would find everyone beside them. My grandpa is one of the honest people, because he had built his life by himself. He had two jobs at the same time; the first job was milking his cows in the morning to get what his family needed and to bring some clothes and some food. The second job was a seller at the supermarket with his friend's store, therefore, he had earned a lot of money, and he saved for his family in case or start his project or if he dies. By having two jobs at the same time, he was able to provide for his family whilst providing employment to other people in the society. In other words, he played a major role in bringing development in his society. His project was to build a dairy factory. He was dreaming about building that factory since he was child when he grows up. Indeed, his dream came true, seeing that he was hardworking and a principled man who never stopped until he achieved his goals in life. However, he never stopped working. Actually, he continued and developed that dream to make his company impact some kind of medicines which is the same company for the dairy but another department. I learned from his experiences and from his willingness when he has a small idea how he improves it and how he had never given up. As I have seen from him I will do in the future, because if I keep going and I never give up certainly I will reach my goals. Although, he was busy in the beginning of his life, he was also playing on the popular soccer team in Saudi Arabia. I was always asking him how you can make all these things at the same time and how you were perfect in all that what you had done; he answered me by a useful wisdom “Love what you are doing, to do what you love." After that, I say to myself why I could not be like this man. In one way or the other, he was very inspiring and he played a key role in modifying my life. Since that time I promise myself to put my goal in front of me and then remind myself about my grandfather’s story, and what he had done. Finally, he had worked at a small column in the newspaper which is a famous newspaper in the Saudi Arabia; he was a big Journalist and wise. At that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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