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Rhetorical Analysis - Essay Example

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Discussion Many television commercials, magazines, newspapers, and other forms of media seem to use sex and the woman body as their primary approach to advertising. The problem is that these hyper-sexualized advertising messages negatively influence people’s thoughts and emotions about sex…
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Rhetorical Analysis
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"Rhetorical Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Looking beyond its main focus, I noticed the aesthetics of the image seemed to portray very boring features. In the background every color is a black, neutral white, or beige. The curtains to the left of the image have dark shadows and are grey and tan. The bed sheets and both pillows lying on the bed are a neutral white. The walls that surround the room are blank without any clocks or portraits. In the top right corner of the image the BMW logo is printed in white. The man and woman’s hair are dark brown. Even the bra that the woman wears is a simple black. Every color scheme of the ad makes it seem not so appealing. The only thing visually appealing on an aesthetic level about this ad is the picture of the BMW that is colored in red. The color red is very bold and is a color that most people will notice first and remember. The red car stands out on the page because every other image in the ad is colorless. This way the car becomes the main focus of the man in the ad as well as to someone who is looking at it. The balance of this image is centered. The man is at the top of the bed on top of the woman, and in the middle of the image. The text is also in the center of the image. This forces the viewers to absorb the image and text first before becoming aware of the BMW logo. This is because the image and text are the ads main focus. ...
Though the room consists of dull colors it resembles a high-class lifestyle. The walls are spotless and the sheets are completely white and clean. The room environment suggests the man and woman are financially stable because they are not in a room filled with trash, dirty clothes, or any markings what so ever. It is extremely clean and modern. The sheets are not wrinkled, nor are there any visible stains. This image suggests the lifestyle of people who own BMWs and can resemble the marketers’ target audience. The target audience is to those men who can afford to buy an attractive luxury car. As I moved from its aesthetics and began to analyze the context of this image, I noticed heavy sexual connotations. The image is so vulgar that at a first glance, one might mistake it for an ad selling condoms. The ad shows an attractive man and what seems to be an attractive woman lying in bed. The man is wearing nothing from the waist up and the woman has on a tiny bra. The man is on top of the woman while she lays perfectly strait underneath him. The fact that the man is on top of her suggests he is in a position of power. The image places men as the dominating sex. He then stares engagingly down at what would be the woman’s face. The woman wraps her hands around the man’s neck bringing him closer to her. Covering the woman’s face is a magazine with an image of a BMW. The ad then reads “The ultimate attraction” in plain font. The woman in the ad is only being used for her body. Covering her face while the man’s is shown suggests that the woman’s face is not of equal importance. Also because she does not show any effort to argue, the situation suggests that the woman is compliant and submissive. The image degrades women in the sense that it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rhetorical Analysis
 Rhetoric makes heuristics provisions for distinguishing, comprehending, and developing certain arguments related to specific settings (Young, Becker & Pike, 1970, 1). There are five main criterion of rhetoric for framing a persuasive speech to affect the audience, which are based on arrangement, memory, discovery, style, and apt delivery.  In case of rhetorical literature, Corbett, had claimed that in such instances rhetorical analysis "is more interested in a literary work for what it does than for what it is" (Corbett, 1990, xxii).
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It is the hope of this student that the reader will be able to gain a more full and complete/nuanced understanding of the way through which each of these rhetorical strategies are used in the video in question although it is but a brief 45 seconds and overall length, the artists and directors who were responsible for the creation and production of this advertisement masterfully wove a brief tale that is inclusive of each of these three previously mentioned rhetorical strategies.
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Rhetorical analysis is the art of examining the author's views and opinions through examination of the components used in persuading the audience by the author. Rhetoric is a word that is used to describe the art and skills of persuasion. The main areas examined during this analysis are, the purpose of the work, the intended audience and the appeals used to convince the audience.
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The bumper sticker “I should not have to press 1 for English” succeeds in some ways and fails in others as a rhetorical device. One of the ways that bumper sticker succeeds is its simplicity and clarity. There is no way to misinterpret the
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Rhetorical Analysis
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