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The paper "Solution of the Problems in the Daily Routine" discusses that the solution I found to my problem of laziness was the determination to be active through positive reinforcement. I recommend this solution to everybody who feels clumsy all the time…
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Solution of the Problems in the Daily Routine
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"Solution of the Problems in the Daily Routine"

Download file to see previous pages However, I have been able to come up with my own solution. I shall describe the solution later, but first I shall describe the solutions that others offered to me. I was told that I should be determined about getting rid of my habit of clumsiness. If I decide once and for all, that I have to be active, that is all. But, I have tried so many times to use this solution, but all in vain. I have been telling myself every time that I will be more determined the next day, but the next day never came that made me determined to be active. I have been told to take part in healthy activities so that I do not get time to be lazy at all. That was also not useful since my laziness kept me from indulging in any sports or any other healthy activity. My health has also been declining due to my laziness to go into the kitchen and eat something healthy. I have been relying on readymade junk food due to my laziness of not willing to cook something for me, or even ask mom to cook something special. All I have wanted is to lie down with a packet of popcorns and watch movies till late at night. I am really sick of myself, and also sick of the solutions that others have to offer. Hence, I decided to come up with my own solution. I have tried this one, and have come up with fruitful results. I have come up with the solution of positive reinforcement. I studied somewhere that if you give someone a reward after he does a good task, this makes him willing to do that task more and more, and with more energy. This strategy evokes motivation and determination, more than anything else. So, I decided to make up a to-do list for every coming day, with a reward at the end of the list, which meant that if I was able to complete all to-dos mentioned in the list for the next day, then I would give myself a reward, like going for a leisure walk for an hour with my best friend, or I would lie down and watch the latest Twilight series with my friends, or I would sleep till late morning the next day.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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