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Statement of Purpose I would like to generally describe myself as a people-person. My background and interests have usually something to do with interpersonal intelligence. Among others, I greatly enjoy travelling, shopping, cooking, and reading. Engaging in community service activities have also been one of my fulfilling hobbies…
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Statement of purpose
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Download file to see previous pages My masters in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) has helped in honing my skills in dealing with others, especially students. I taught in two national schools ( Al-Batool and Makkah). My actual experiences as a teacher gave me the opportunity to conceptualize and implement effective ways in ascertaining order. As a teacher, I had to inspire learning among my students since leaders are sources of encouragement and motivation. I observed that ineffective leaders do not inspire others to act on goals. Moreover, I had to make wise decisions in response to the uniqueness of situations. Leaders ought to decide efficiently when facing uncertainties. Any judgment may be vital to the nature of the future and may affect others’ situations. Generally, leaders need to know how to think and act concerning various social situations and different kinds of people. I have come to understand the social processes involved in teaching. There were also a number of enlightenments regarding people’s personalities and ways of absorbing information. These aptitudes are affected by their culture and innate characteristics. I also recognized that I need to consider each person’s uniqueness if I want to have a successful communication with him. With my involvements, I realized that I am responsible, well organized, independent, cooperative, conscientious, patient, and hardworking. In the future, I aim to be successful in the education arena. I am fortunate enough to know what and who I really want to become. This self-knowledge has led me to conceptualize of steps that may help me achieve greater objectives. It is a vocation that seeks to make significant changes for tomorrow’s generations. It is also a profession that has a lot of intrinsic motivation. There is no greater bliss than the feeling of making significant changes in the lives of young minds. I have also seen that certain changes should be made to fully cater to the varied needs of pupils. For instance, the issues on language barriers and cultural differences must be fully addressed. With these concerns in mind, I am enthused to take up Doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice. This is the ideal course to help me in being involved in empowering fairness in schools as well as communities. With the numerous crises that the world is going through, this course can prepare me to identify issues associated with education and how to act on them. To further cultivate my career, I have acknowledged that it is very essential to participate in higher forms of education. Indeed, learning lasts for a lifetime. This can be better attained by enrolling in schools with programs featuring excellent curricula. This is the main reason why I want to study in Loyola Marymount University. It is an institution boasting accreditations, excellent faculty, and competitive facilities. Personally, its mission to encourage learning of the whole person and to promote justice with the service of faith is vastly cogent. This is tightly connected to the field that I want to focus on since it is all about integrity and equality. “Scholars in the field of education prepare thousands of future school leaders every year”(Capper, Theoharis, and Sebastian, 209). However, are they being prepared to implement justice in their professions? If given the opportunity, I particularly would like to look into operational educational leadership programs that can benefit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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