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Breeding of the Giant Panda Bear - Research Paper Example

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The panda is also called the giant panda to differentiate it from the red panda which is unrelated. This is a bear breed found in south western and central western China. The giant panda can be identified by the sizeable, unique black patches on its face, around the body, and its ears…
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Breeding of the Giant Panda Bear
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"Breeding of the Giant Panda Bear"

Download file to see previous pages The panda is also called the giant panda to differentiate it from the red panda which is unrelated. This is a bear breed found in south western and central western China. The giant panda can be identified by the sizeable, unique black patches on its face, around the body, and its ears. The giant panda consumes bamboo despite belonging to the carnivorous group. Occasionally, giant pandas living in the forest consume meat in the form of carrion, rodents, or birds, wild tubers, and other grasses. Those that are held in areas for example, zoos, may eat specially cooked food, honey, bananas, eggs, oranges, fish, or yams. In addition, the giant panda’s habitat is located in mountain ranges, in central China. The giant panda has been forced to move out of lowland areas because of deforestation, farming, and other activities in the area (Lumpkin and Seidensticker 16). Currently, it is an endangered species. This paper will look at breeding of the giant panda bear.
Giant pandas have a height of approximately two to three feet and may measure four to six feet in length. Male giant pandas are heavier and larger than female giant pandas. They can weigh 250 pounds while female giant pandas weigh below 220 pounds. The World Conservation Union has listed the giant panda as one of the endangered species in its Red List of Threatened Species. There are approximately 1600 giant pandas remaining in their natural habitats (Lumpkin and Seidensticker 25). ...
For example, scientists have tried giving male giant pandas Viagra and also displaying videos of them mating. Nonetheless, it is in recent times that investigators have had accomplishments with breeding programs of captive male giants (Schaller 23). Current research shows that the breeding rate is one giant panda reproduced after every two years. Giant pandas attain sexual maturity between four to eight years. In addition, sexual activity in giant pandas may reach 20 years. During sexual activity, the female giant panda position’s itself in a crouching position with its head in a downward location. This allows the male giant panda mount her from the back. The time for copulation is short. It lasts for between thirty seconds and five minutes (Ryder 14). Nonetheless, a male giant panda may mount a female giant panda for a number of occasions to guarantee successful fertilization. If the female giant panda gives birth to twin cubs, only one of the two will continue to exist in the harsh conditions. The female giant panda will choose the stronger of the two new born cubs, and the frail cub will perish. The female giant panda cannot provide sufficient milk for both the new born cubs. This is because female giant pandas do not amass fat. In contrast, male giant pandas do not assist in raising the cubs. Female giant pandas take almost 95 to 160 days to give birth after mating. The female giant may reproduce two young pandas but only a single one survives. Giant panda young ones may live with their mothers for approximately three years before living on their own. It can be presumed a female giant panda gives birth to a young one once in a year. The mating period lies between the months of March and May. This is a period when the female giant panda undergoes estrus. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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