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Save the world proposal - Essay Example

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Instructor Date Save Panda Proposal Occurrences within the environment attributed to human activities, natural events and forces has created stress on a number of animal and plant species that face extinction to the point of being classified as endangered…
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Save the world proposal
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Download file to see previous pages In this proposal, the threats facing this animal will be looked at especially the species belonging to the giant panda. Extinction results into complete eradication of an animal species from the earth surface which has a number of consequences to the ecosystem. The proposal will finally analyze some of the possible ways of saving this species of panda from the imminent eradication and extinction (Gong & Reid 246). The giant panda belongs to the bear family and occupies large parts of china and other areas of New Zealand and Australia. It is an omnivore eating both bamboo leaves and soft tissues sections and small animals found within its habitat. Moreover, it is one of the major sources of tourism revenue in china and New Zealand and foreigners troop these countries to be with this friendly animal. Furthermore, it presents many opportunities for the country that makes it essential for the world life conservancy authorities and groups to develop mechanisms of protecting the animal (Ouyang et al 622). The giant panda is considered as one of the rare species of bear currently available that depends on bamboos and soft tissue plants to survive. Bamboo has however attracted a number of economic applications across different levels of economic activities in the world. As a result, bamboo cutting has significantly increased as people use them for economic purposes or clear the land for farming activities due to increased human population. This deprives the giant panda of its main source of food, thus leaving the animal with small animals as the only alternative source of food. Additionally, the giant panda is slow to reproduce which means that the animal has minimal number of offspring during its lifetime, further increasing its vulnerability to extinction (Entwistle & Dunstone 87). The giant panda should be saved from extinction considering the significant role it plays in reinforcing the efforts of conservation of the flora and fauna. It is considered as one of the most loved animal species not just in china but also in other parts of the country. The region where the giant panda is found is considered as the heartland of Chinese which makes it essential to ensure sustainability in the region. Encouraging sustainability in this region will not only protect the giant panda from extinction but also improve the lifelines of the people around the Yangtze Basin in China. This area acts as the heartland of economic activities in china, being home to both tourist activities, subsistence fisheries and a number of economic activities essential for the growth of the country (Li et al 48). The extinction of the giant panda has a number of ecological, economical and agricultural impacts not just to china but also to the rest of the world. In the event of this extinction, China will end up losing a symbol of its national pride and conservancy efforts. The rate of bamboo consumption in the country will increase tremendously as there will be no concern arising from the existence of the giant panda. This will create significant ecological and agricultural implications to the areas where bamboo is widely grown (Entwistle & Dunstone 87). Despite the widespread concerns on animal and plant conservancy, the benefits achieved maybe are overshadowed by the challenges. Extinction to some scholars is created by natural forces as explained by Darwin theories in relations to the available natural resources. The continued ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Save the World Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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