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Family Reunion - Essay Example

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Family Reunion Instructor: Family Reunion It was reunion time and the event was to be held at my grandparents place in Medford, Wisconsin. My heart pounded with excitement and tension as we drove down towards our grandparents place…
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Family Reunion
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"Family Reunion"

Download file to see previous pages Stepping out of the car, I could see many faces, which were familiar, even though I was unable to remember the names so as to match the faces. People were mingling and probably conversing about their daily lives and their kids. Some seemed to be gossiping already. At last, the family reunion was here with us, and whether I looked forward to being here for the next one week or not, I had to get the best out of it. Inside the house, I could notice that all the doors and windows were crystal clear. A smell of fresh bed sheets and chlorine filled the air. Someone had done a commendable job in cleaning. Most of the adults talked between themselves while the children played. By this time, I had not realized that my ancestors were beneficial since I had not paid keen attention when the adults spoke. I had always wondered how my forefathers ended up in this small town in Wisconsin anyway. I decided to engage my grandfather on this topic, and I must admit that I was shocked by what I discovered. He showed me an old picture of a man who I came to understand was the Czar of Finland, who according to my grandfather is my distant relative. My great grandfather came from Kuvlax, Finland. He was born in 1840. When he was twenty three, the Czar of Russia, Alexander I, appointed him to be the Chief Magistrate of Jacodstad. This was after Russia invaded Finland. Jacobstad used to be the second biggest city in Finland. His appointment was so as to keep the Russian’s and Finish in line. His post was the equivalent of the country’s chief of police. He later got married to a Pasalm University of Sweden graduate. They had four sons all of whom remained in Finland until their father, the Chief Magistrate, died. Poverty forced the four brothers and their mother to immigrate to the United States on September 30th, 1908. The mother and four sons settled in a small town in Wisconsin named Medford. Their house still stands up to date. One of my great uncles jokes that it has not changed any bit, only the paint has. The four brothers remained in Wisconsin state. According to my great aunt, the family experienced a few real hardships in Medford even though they were forced abandon the royal lifestyle for an average lifestyle. To support themselves, the family established a shoe making business. My great-grandfather was a craftsman in this job who retired late during his life. I met him when I was a child and although I barely remember him, he is very significant in my family history, and the same thing applies to the city of Medford, Wisconsin. Medford is not only important to me by being a home to my forefathers, but also the city’s progressive community is something which everyone wants to associate with. During my one week stay, I took my time to tour around the city and learn a few things. The city is an industrial hub within the surrounding communities. Medford provides over six thousand, seven hundred jobs in a community with a population of four thousand, four hundred people. This translates to abundance of jobs for the city residents, a phenomenon which is not common. This family reunion was characterized by late breakfasts early evening dinners or afternoon luncheons. Later in the evening people would listen to music, poetry reading, songs, recitals of history and reminiscing, honorary recognitions, educational achievements and community contributions. The older family members seemed to only highlight the family’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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