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Relationship between christmas and religion - Essay Example

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This occasion is celebrated in the memory of the birth of Jesus Christ by Christian faith holders. Surprisingly, this mid-winter celebration was not accepted by…
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Download file to see previous pages which were not directly related to Christianity, but were inspired from the former popular religion Pagan are Christmas tree, decoration on it and around it, gathering around it, stuffing stockings with goodies and hanging them on the top of fireplaces. Nevertheless, in the past exchange of presents and opening them on the day of Christmas was also not a part of Christmas tradition, but was supposed to be linked with New Year celebrations.
In the contemporary world this occasion is not only associated to Christian faith only, but non-believers also celebrate it due to its global popularity, adaptability by the Western society, business and media publicity and promotion and eventually its acceptability by all faith holders. Now Christmas is a time of national holidays, time to bond with families, eat turkey, shop endlessly and exchange of gifts. It’s a time for which business entrepreneurs plan carefully and media gives full coverage to it worldwide. It gives a chance to job-tied people to relax and mingle with family and friends. Hence, Christmas holidays are celebrated around the globe with or without relating it to the Christian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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