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Celebrating new year becomes pop-cultrual celebrity - Essay Example

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There are mixed feeling amongst the people all over the word. Most people will experience a state of nostalgia by reflecting on the incidences and events that…
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Celebrating new year becomes pop-cultrual celebrity
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Download file to see previous pages New Year has now become a worldwide celebration with so much anticipation and expectations put in line to mark the day (Mercer, 26). People all around the world start counting down the New Year day before the clock ticks midnight. They will count all through the last sixty seconds and cheer when the New Year begins. People will tend to hug, jump and wish their friends a “Happy and prosperous New Year and sing along various songs designed for such a day. New Year is a historical celebration that has become a pop cultural celebration in almost all nations in the world that comprises of so many memories and resolutions taking place on this material day (Mercer, 44). This paper discusses how New Year has become a pop cultural celebration in the world through wide the influence from internet and social media.
Celebrations of the New Year has not started recently, the first celebration is dated back to 2000 B.C in Mesopotamia (Mercer, 48). It was marked on mid-March and was celebrated during the time of the vernal equinox. Various ancient cultures also tied a varied of other dates to the seasons. The Egyptian, Persians and Phoenicians made history by celebrating the New Year eve with the fall equinox and on the other hand the Greeks decided to celebrate it during the winter solstice. As stated before, calendars used by various countries determine when the New Year celebrations take place. In the early Roman calendar, New Year was on March date one. Their calendar had just ten months with March being the first month. The calendar was not as the same with what is used today since some month like September and December were the seventh and tenth months respectively.
It was during the first celebrations of New Year in Rome that the month of January joined the calendar. The month was not in existence until 700 B.C during the rule of Numa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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