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World mythology - Essay Example

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The scenario of mythology or mythical story leads human beings towards the core aspects of a specific culture or society. Besides, study of mythology unveils the religious/spiritual background of world civilizations /cultures…
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World mythology
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"World mythology"

Download file to see previous pages Thesis statement: The origin stories, major gods/heroes, and stories related to culture within Cherokee mythology prove that the same is symbolic of the origin, growth and development of the cultural aspects of Cherokee Tribe in North America (special references to the origin, gods/heroes, and stories related to Cherokee mythology). Cherokee mythology: an overview The core elements of Cherokee mythology reveal the relationship between indigenous culture and nature. For instance, the Green Corn Ceremony is a ritualistic preface of Cherokees who considered that their rituals can influence nature. Thomas E. Mails stated that, “The climate factor of Cherokee country had a rhythmic or cyclical nature that was a strong influence on Cherokee culture and led to a complex mythology and ritual performance” (21). On the other side, Cherokee mythology does not provide importance to omnipotent evil spirits. The spirits that can be seen in Cherokee mythology are less powerful. For instance, Kalona Ayeliski is a less powerful spirit which preys human souls. Another belief among the Cherokee people is that killing animals for no use or purpose leads human beings to suffering. Besides, the Cherokee people believe that mortal (physical) life is interconnected with immortal (the world of spirits) world. In short, Cherokee mythology provides ample importance to the peaceful co-existence of all the living things in the physical world. Origin stories in Cherokee mythology Origin stories in Cherokee mythology on creation is interesting because the same portrays the earth not as mere land, but as a as a floating mass of land. Besides, the land is hanging and some chords support the same from falling down. According to the Cherokee mythology, the Beaver's Grandchild tried to find out the hidden secret beneath water. He tried his level best, but for vain. Then, he came to know the fact that there is nothing to take rest. So, he began to collect mud from the bottom. This mud gradually expanded and became the earth, surrounded by water body. At the same time, the other animals and birds were eagerly waiting for the Beaver's Grandchild. First of all, the birds decided to visit the earth. Buzzard was selected to examine Beaver's Grandchild’s deeds on earth. After visiting the earth, Buzzard went back and made clear that the earth is still soft. When the earth became dry, all the animals came down. But there was no light on the earth. All the living things were aware of the fact that the sun can help them to solve this problem. In the end, the animals and birds carried the sun to the earth. But the sun was too hot. So they reduced the sun’s heat by putting the same high in the sky. David Adams Leeming stated that, “The Cherokee tell several creation stories, usually dominated by a female sun” (80). Another story within Cherokee mythology related to creation myth is the story of a brother and sister. In this story, the sister was hit with a fist by her brother. Then, he told her to produce babies. So, she gave birth to a number of children, within a short period. So, one can see that the origin story/creation myth in Cherokee mythology sheds light on the rich heritage of storytelling among the Cherokees. Major gods or heroes in Cherokee mythology The major gods and heroes in Cherokee mythology include gods in the heaven, on the earth, under the earth, and animals. James Mooney made clear that, “Their pantheon includes gods in the heaven above, on the earth beneath, and in the waters under the earth, but of these the animal gods constitute by far the most numerous class, although the elemental gods are more important” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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World mythology
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