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Positive and negative effects of fast food - Essay Example

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It cannot be disputed that fast food has become a staple in the American diet over the last few decades. The popularity of fast food is growing all the time and can be expected to continue for the foreseeable future…
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Positive and negative effects of fast food
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"Positive and negative effects of fast food"

Download file to see previous pages Everyone we look we are bombarded with messages saying that fast food is trendy and affordable for anyone. Another factor is due to the dramatic lifestyle changes that Americans have experienced over the last few years. When time is tight, people generally choose to eat food that does not take up any preparation time. The convenience of a drive-thru has resulted in many people being able to pick up fast food on the go. However, healthy food advocates maintain that fast food is destroying our society in many ways. This paper will look at three positive effects (cost, convenience, taste) of fast food and three negative effects (portion sizes, obesity, and disease) of fast food. The first positive effect of fast food is the low cost that it involves. For many American families, money is tight and they cannot afford to shell out on food that is moderately expensive. For these low income families, fast food offers them an option to feed their whole family for very little cost. Fast food can be produced very cheaply because of the standardized production process used to make it. Fast food chains are then able to entice low income families by offering food that fits their limited budgets. If fast food was expensive, then it would not have the same popularity because very few people would be able to afford it. The second positive effect of fast food is the convenience at which it offers customers. ...
The is accentuated by the popularity of the drive-thru, which allows patrons to order, pay for, and then receive their food without getting out of their car. When someone is in a rush, ordering fast food like this is very appealing because they can eat on the go. The third positive effect of fast food is in terms of the good taste that people get from it. Fast food has additives that are appealing to many people’s taste buds. These addictive substances taste good for a reason: to make someone want to go back for more. If fast food did not taste very nice, then not very many people would be willing to eat it. Part of the appeal of fast food, in addition to its low cost and convenience, is that almost everyone likes to eat fast food even if they don’t do so on a regular basis. Although fast food has many positive aspects to it, one negative effect is that it has increased the portion sizes of American’s meals considerably. Because fast food is processed, it takes eating a lot of fast food to feel full. This has resulted in people wanting to eat larger meals in order to fill themselves. In addition to fast food, this effect has been transported to all other types of food in that serving sizes have increased remarkably over the past few decades. This has lead to a knock-on effect, such as obesity and disease, both of which are discussed below. Another negative effect of fast food is that it is contributing to the growing problem of obesity in America. The content of fast food has a lot of calories in it, so it helps people to put on weight rather than them slimming down. The fatty oils that are used to cook most fast food are not good for the average person’s health and fast food is known to be a leading cause of obesity. A ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fast food: positive and negative issues is having many positive sides too. IV. Conclusions To conclude, it can be stated that the number of fast food centres is increasing day by day in the U.K just as it was in the case of the United States. Even when people are well aware of the adverse effects of fast food culture, it is quite paradoxical that fast food companies are competing each other to produce latest products that cater to popular tastes. Analysing both the positive and negative aspects of the fast food culture, one can easily find that its...
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The Effects of Fast Food the United States. Numerous studies have also highlighted this fact that the easy availability of fast food along with a rise in the intake of fast food has promoted obesity. This has provided for a rise in the obese individuals as well as the diseases related to obesity (Jeffery & French 277,278; Edelstein & Sharlin 240). The negative effects incurred on the health of an individual are many and recent studies have been indicating the fact that these health effects are not only associated with obesity. According to one study, it was highlighted that fast food has a very bad impact on...
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